What is AT&T Cybersecurity, the former AlienVault?

what is cybersecurity

In july 2018, AT&T acquired AlienVault, the leading Spanish company in the field of cybersecurity. However, it was not until February 2019 when we finally knew its brand-new name. From then on we started wondering what is AT&T Cybersecurity.

To learn more about it, in this article, we will tell you what AT&T Cybersecurity stands for and what its main features are. Besides, we’ll tell you what it can offer you and your company.

What is AT&T Cybersecurity?

Let’s get to the point: AT&T Cybersecurity is a digital security management software that provides and guarantees a complete defense against the latest security threats.

What are AT&T Cybersecurity main features?

what is AT&T Cybersecurity

The conception of AT&T Cybersecurity was given with the purpose of offering an adequate security management service through essential functions required to protect the assets of any company.

Helps reduce cyber risks

Security controls automation plays an important role in the AT&T Cybersecurity services. Thousands of organizations around the world are dealing with multiple security tools at the same time. The reason? They want to protect their assets from cyber risks.

However, AT&T Cybersecurity risk management goes far beyond, providing any company the chance to address cyber risks quickly through a range of flexible options fully adaptable to diverse environments.

Simplifies and accelerates security monitoring

Through AlienVault’s Unified Security Management tool (USM), AT&T Cybersecurity performs advanced threat detection in the cloud and on-premise environments.

This allows the software to focus on latent-and current-threats to your organization. Progressively, it builds a clear view of your assets, vulnerabilities and malicious activity in your environment.

Takes your cloud security into a new level

AT&T Cybersecurity also manages security in the cloud through its USM Anywhere tool. This enables centralized management of data collection, analysis, and threat detection for your business operations in the cloud.

What solutions does AT&T Cybersecurity offer?

AT&T Cybersecurity was conceived as a unified Security Management platform to provide you with the essential security features you need to protect your company’s assets.

Asset Detection

AT&T Cybersecurity is able to detect – and evaluate – each of the assets that are part of your network, through an automated process carried out by the USM tool. It provides specific details of all devices in your company’s network.

That way, you can find out what software and services exist on your assets. Besides, also get to know whether there’re any latent vulnerabilities or threats running against them.

In addition, if your company has adequate data flow in the cloud, AlienVault USM will also find and analyze those assets, especially if they are in AWS and Azure environments.

Not to mention the data sources integration and the frequent optimization of visibility into your network activity, all through recommendations and constant monitoring.

Vulnerability Assessment

Another solution offered by AT&T Cybersecurity is the identification of vulnerabilities in your network systems. Once detected, the software tells you the specific actions you must take before these vulnerabilities are exploited by cyber attackers.

In this sense, AlienVault USM is the tool in charge of carrying out the process of constant scanning. Not only to find out the pain points of your digital environment, but also to tell you how to deal with them.

More specifically, AT&T Cybersecurity integrates the Open Threat Exchange (OTX) tool to compare the vulnerabilities found in your infrastructure with those that are already being exploited. This allows you to make decisions based on current threats.

Identification of Security Violations

End Point Detection and Response (EDR), IDS Network, IDS Host, and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) systems serve as a base configuration of AT&T Cybersecurity to detect malicious traffic on your network.

These features allow you to identify and gain insight into the (potential) attackers on your infrastructure. Specifically the way they operate, what they intent, and the type of victims they are seeking. All this through detailed instructions that serve to thoroughly investigate such malicious activities on your network.

Managing and protecting threats with SIEM software

AT&T Cybersecurity correlates and analyzes security event data across the network using SIEM correlation rules. These actions seek to easily detect and respond to emerging threats without the complexity of integrating multiple security tools.

The software makes use of AlienVault USM to provide a broad and detailed view of the threat. Such as attack methods, related events, source and destination IP addresses, reporting and alarms.

It also provides incident recommendations in a unified view, to speed up the process of investigating and responding to threats more quickly. Not to mention, of course, that this platform attempts to reduce false threat alarms, making the job more efficient.

Behavioral Monitoring

Suspicious behavior is highly identifiable by the USM platform, which identifies malicious actors trying to interact with your network. It also detects potential compromises of your infrastructure systems.

This way, AT&T Cybersecurity monitors the security of your different hybrid environments through multiple capabilities such as network flow analysis, a surveillance service and the complete capture package. Each of these are essential pieces of security in a unified platform that is cost-effective and easy to use.

It covers and analyses then everything connected to your network at all times. In other words, malicious activity, incidents and correlated data, constant updates, aggregated events and cloud logs won’t have a place.

What makes AT&T Cybersecurity different from other network security software?cybersecurity

Compared to other services available in the online security market-which promise to provide all the features needed to build adequate protection against network threats-AT&T Cybersecurity is committed to being end-user friendly.

Specifically, it seeks to reduce the complexity and cost of fighting cybercrime on the web. Therefore, its offer makes it the ideal solution for small and medium enterprises that require a highly accessible all-in-one protective tool.

How do you get AT&T Cybersecurity?

At GB Advisors, we are authorized partners of AT&T Cybersecurity and we specialize in the installation of ITSM software, as well as in providing consultancy services for the implementation of Digital Security tools.

If you would like to request an AT&T Cybersecurity demo, do not hesitate to contact us. Our agents are always available to help you get the most out of your investment.

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