Self-service Password Unlock or Reset: Reduce the #1 Problem solved in Help Desk

The good news is that the # 1 Problem of your help desk can be solved with self-service password unlock or reset

self-service password unlock or reset

Every day of our lives, we use technologies that require login. This mean that we are obliged to memorize different passwords to access from smartphones, tablets or PCs to every account we use to work and entertain. Then on average, 33% of users must memorize more than 10 passwords... No wonder why we repeatedly get confused and find ourselves unlocking or resetting our different passwords, for this reason it is important to have the self-service password unlock or reset

According to experts, 30% of calls and tickets processed in Help Desk services are related to password unlock or reset. 

And how could it be different, if each IT platform demand different policies to create passwords?

Even worse, we are asked to change passwords every 30 or 60 days and when we do it, we can't recycle the old ones. So, we are forced to invent new words or combinations too difficult to remember. This is why we regularly block our passwords... and we usually do it when we are in a hurry.

Now Imagine that one of your employees tries to access to his/her corporate account from his/her PC, just when he/she has to submit a report at the meeting starting in 10 minutes.  After entering the password several times, controlling the caps, numbers and special characters... the account just blocks for his/her total despair!

Your employee forgot that the same thing had happened just last week, when he/she tried to access from his/her cell phone.  And in that occasion, he/she had called to your company's Help Desk, and after a good deal of lost time, finally managed to reset the darn password.

self-service password unlock or reset

Your employee was smart enough to instruct his/her phone to "remember password"... but such instruction wasn't extended to his/her other devices. For this reason, your employee will have to redo the same process all over again, losing valuable time in calling to your Help Desk instead of adding more value to your company.

The good news is that the #1 Problem of your Help Desk can be solved more efficiently through self-service password unlock or reset.

If you allow employees to unlock or reset their passwords through self-service, they will have more time to do more for your company, and they will help you to save money: Recent researches indicate that capturing Level 1 support calls in your Help Desk costs around $22 each one.

Let's picture how it works:  Figuring out what happened with the account takes around 10 minutes, finding the Help Desk number and waiting for answer takes -hopefully- another 10 minutes, and finally reset or unlock the password takes 10 more minutes.  

In sum, every time one of your employees calls your Help Desk to unlock or reset passwords, spends about 30 minutes of your time and $22 of your money. Do the maths and get your own conclusions.

self-service password unlock or reset

We offer you automated tools to unlock, reset and synchronize corporate accounts in less than a minute from any associated device. Like this, new passwords will be automatically updated in the rest of the devices, whether cell phone, tablet or PC (iOs or Android).

Reduce operating costs related to supporting calls by close to 30%, and cut down tickets in your Help Desk related to Self-service Password Unlock or Reset.

We bring you a series of products,  that give you the perfect solution to enable your Help Desk users to unlock or reset their passwords anywhere, anytime.



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