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If you have an e-commerce site you probably want to boost your sales, and this can be done by improving your conversions. Keep reading to learn how you can accomplish it.

Just in 2018 around 1.8 billion people were digital buyers. Therefore, considering that the world’s population is 7.6 billion people, we can say that 20% of the world has shopped online; and that number will continue to rise. 

The e-commerce industry holds a trillion-dollar income with over 12 million stores worldwide. On the other hand, only 110,000 of them generate meaningful revenue.

We can think in 2 main reasons why this is happening:  

  • The websites didn’t have enough traffic (or)
  • The websites didn’t generate enough sales

Both the traffic and the sales are highly related because the sales can’t happen without traffic. Moreover, having a website it’s not enough to guarantee the sales in your business. 

That’s where marketing steps in to give you a hand. Firstly, you need to understand your visitor’s behavior. That’s the only way you will know why they don’t turn into customers, and it will help you improve conversions. 

For this, you need to figure out what visitors are doing on your website. 

How can you do it? With a tool like Freshmarketer. 

Freshmarketer is a complete marketing automation software that helps you capture quality leads, engage with your customers via emails, and foster better communication between your sales and marketing teams. 

Built with a powerful automation and a conversion optimization module, it helps marketers manage customers entire buying journey with their brand.

What can Freshmarketer do for improving your e-commerce conversions?

  • Understand click metrics for web page elements

With Freshmarketer’s click maps, you can track visitor clicks on the different categories. Simply run a heatmap experiment on your home page, and get to see where the maximum clicks happen. Maximum clicks denote maximum visitor engagement, so you would have successfully identified your popular categories.


  •  Identify scroll behavior and reach of visitors


conversionsSay your cart abandonment emails link to a landing page on your website.  As a result, you want to know how many users scroll to the end of the page. Freshmarketer’s click maps provide insights on the scroll behavior of your website users across the different folds of your web page.

This way you will understand why visitors don’t turn into customers, helping you improve conversions.


  • Heatmaps for critical website pages

As an e-commerce website, it is crucial to have heatmaps setup for critical/most visited pages on your entire site. So, you can understand your visitors’ engagement with those pages and optimize accordingly. 

But, instead of setting up heatmaps for every page, you can run a heatmap experiment for your entire website. 


  •  Identify visitor interactions on dynamic elements on your site

Your site has various dynamic elements, be it sliders, dropdowns, or pop-ups. For example, Freshmarketer’s heatmaps capture visitors’ clicks and scrolls for every web page component, including overlays, or content behind login screens.


  • Viewing heatmaps of different visitor segments

Understand how a visitor engages with your site vs. how your customer engages with it. With advanced segmentation, you can view heatmaps for your different visitor segments. For example, visitors, coming from specific campaigns, or visitors from a particular location. This is very helpful for improving conversions. 

Now that you’ve got a fair idea of what visitors are doing on your site, it is time to track their journey. 

Above all, thanks to its Funnel Analytics, Freshmarketer can help you track visitor journeys. Your funnels can include either page URLs or custom events. Moreover, it identifies where exactly visitors drop off from your site and helps you fix those pages. 

Optimizing your website

Based on the information from heatmaps, session replays, and other tools, you would have come up with numerous ideas to improve your site and eliminate friction for your visitors.

Here are a few examples of what you can accomplish.

1) Experiment copy/CTA/hero images

Whether you want to experiment with your website messaging, CTAs, images, or buttons, Freshmarketer has you covered. With its intuitive and easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor, you can start making changes on web pages without depending on your IT team.

2) Measure effectiveness of Adwords/Facebook/Instagram campaigns

Freshmarketer provides advanced targeting options for all your conversion experiments. You can run experiments for a specific group of visitors, say, for visitors coming from one particular social media campaign.

3) Make extensive code changes without breaking your website

Freshmarketer comes with its advanced JavaScript and CSS editor, which enables you to make complex code changes. For instance, if you quickly want to add a button on your product page, for one of your active campaigns, you can easily do so.

Implementing code changes on your website need not be delayed anymore. 

4) Test multiple variations with A/B/n testing

When you want to make multiple changes to a web page, A/B/n testing comes in handy. This, in comparison with the traditional two-page testing, helps you test different optimization ideas within a single experiment. The trade-off here is the experiment running for a more extended period than a conventional A/B test.

conversionsNow that you adopted a structured process to improve your website conversions, your conversion optimization it’s ready! 

This is a guaranteed method to maximize sales from your e-commerce site since it adopts a scientific approach involving both qualitative and quantitative analysis. 

Don’t forget that conversion optimization is an ongoing activity that needs to be done continuously for your efforts to have a significant impact on your overall sales

With Freshmarketer robust feature set, you will overcome conversion roadblocks, delight your customers and get your sales soaring.

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