Why can Vtiger help any type of business?

A CRM is a very versatile and useful tool for today’s businesses that want to face global challenges more easily. 

That’s why using a CRM provides you with various advantages.

However, there are certain CRMs that large companies may have.

And those that are for modest companies do not have all the functionalities they require to grow. 

So, many small and medium-sized businesses can be left out. 

However, not everything is rosy for large companies.

Since some CRM providers do not offer complete packages with functionalities and features that they require.

But must additionally purchase them with unclear pricing schemes that do not appear on their website. 

As you can see, it seems that there are no options on the market for medium and small companies.

However, I invite you to read this article and let me show you that there is an option that adapts to the needs and requirements of your business, regardless of size. 

Why do you need an optimal CRM? 

Did you know that 65% of companies worldwide are unable to increase their sales without the proper use of technology? 

This occurs because most companies face daily: 

  • Slowness in their workflows. 
  • Waste of time. 
  • Manual execution of relevant tasks. 
  • Lack of follow-up on important projects. 
  • Little simplicity in communication between employees. 

In consequence, this scenario seriously affects the development of sales strategies, the approach to potential customers, and the productivity of the company. 

However, we could have a full list of challenges if we take into consideration that due to the globalization of remote work.

In addition, more and more companies must offer more personalized attention, not only to their clients but also internally to their workers. 

Likewise, companies must increase their flexibility to adapt to the new needs and preferences of their potential clients.

As well as approach their needs through the most effective means of communication. 

Now, companies that are aware of this scenario are taking action.

Therefore are choosing CRM platforms that allow them to eradicate these problems. 

65% of businesses worldwide are implementing a CRM during the first 5 years of operation. 

As a result, once acquired and implemented, this technology is used by 80% by the sales teams.

46% by the marketing team, and 45% by the customer service team. 

For instance, it is important to note that those companies that have implemented CRM software have: 

  • Increased their productivity. 
  • Automated their workflows. 
  • Increased customer satisfaction. 
  • Closed a greater number of negotiations. 
  • Increased their income. 

What can you do for your company? 

If you think that your business is going through a difficult situation, such as: 

  • Low competitiveness compared to other businesses in the same sector. 
  • Lack of economic growth. 
  • Stagnation in obtaining new clients. 
  • Difficulty closing negotiations. 

In consequence, you should consider the following CRM solution to get the maximum potential that your company has. 

Vtiger CRM is your best ally

Firstly, Vtiger is the leading CRM company, with experience in the development of technological solutions for more than 10 years. 

Secondly, Its tools stand out for successfully connecting companies with potential clients.

As well, facilitating the incorporation of IT environments into their business. 

Thirdly, their CRM is easy to set up, manage, use, and highly customizable, making it the ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. 

That is why investing in quality CRM software can give your business visibility and provide a better customer experience. 

With the Vtiger CRM, you can: 

  • Manage users efficiently: Send verification emails when you add new users to the platform. In addition, you can classify them and set alarms to direct their attention to matters of importance. 
  • Configure specific permissions: Choose from standard licenses, single application users, and lightweight agents to provide different levels of access to CRM users. Also, it establishes different levels of privileges according to the profile of each user. 
  • Use restricted license types: Choose from standard licenses, single application users, and lightweight agents to provide different levels of access to CRM users. 
  • Automate workflow: Reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks by automating processes such as follow-ups and emails. 
  • Manage contacts intelligently: Track interactions with customers, through various channels such as calls, email, chat, and Social Media. 
  • Improve access to your customer data: Have full access to customer information anytime, anywhere with mobile CRM applications. 

Vtiger adapts to any business 

The concern of many business owners when purchasing a CRM is to determine if it can be useful according to their needs, dynamics, and budget. 

With Vtiger you will not have to worry about that.

This software is customizable to your business goals, the size of your company, and what you can afford. 

What does Vtiger offer you? 

  • Optimizes your customer management

Captures leads from your Whatsapp: Identify prospects from your social networks with little effort. 

Migrates your contacts easily: You can import them from applications such as Microsoft Excel, Google Contacts, web forms, CSV files, or email. 

Nurtures your leads correctly: You can easily make this process using a database, where you will see the origin of the contact, the hook, the size of the deal, and more. 

  • Enriches your sales

Effectively configures the progress of your sales: Define the activities that your sales team must fulfill at each stage and in each negotiation. 

Creates negotiations on the go: Save time creating negotiations, just adding the necessary details. 

Links budgets to your proposals: Ensure the consistency of your negotiation information through data synchronization. 

  • Implements Calculus IA

Analyzes the feeling: Delves into the quality of the conversations with your leads, whether they were by email or calls.

Calculus IA emphasizes where you should pay the most attention.

Also, it can show you positive and negative signals of the client’s behavior. 

Analyzes the quality of the calls: Visualize the pauses made, the stage of the negotiation, and determine potential obstacles such as long monologues or the speed of speech. 

Determines the best action: Monitor and record the actions of your customers. Calculus suggests the best actions you can take. 

Feel supported to implement Vtiger CRM 

GB Advisors is an authorized Vtiger CRM agent, focused on providing you with the best technological solutions according to your needs and preferences. 

If you have difficulties with the installation and configuration of any tool, don’t worry, as we can do all of that for you. 

Also, we offer you personalized advice with our experts at each stage from the beginning with free preliminary advice.

And after the purchase, since we care about lasting relationships. 

What are you waiting for to optimize your business? Contact us now! 

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