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When choosing a CRM we must put into perspective its price compared to the value it can deliver.  Through this comparison, we can make an intelligent decision that allows us to obtain a tool with the perfect relationship between investment and benefits delivered. Vtiger, as a CRM solution, offers important differential features that obey this balance.


In the following article, we will give a glimpse of 3 of its most outstanding features that make it the best option for your company.

1. Vtiger landing pages feature

According to Data Talks: Proven B2B Lead Gen Tactics, about 68% of B2B organizations use their websites to generate leads for eventual conversion. In other words, having effective landing pages is a key strategy to drive lead generation.

CRM SolutionAs a CRM solution, Vtiger has the landing pages module. This is designed to offer ease of use in landing page building. Because developing websites or hiring designers is especially laborious. More so if your company is adding new products, offers or services frequently.

With this module, it is possible to build targeted landing pages with a single call to action (CTA) quickly and easily. Focused on specific products, services or offers, allowing visitors to concentrate on the objective of the page and improving lead generation.

In addition, landing pages can also analyze the collected data. Visitors, conversions, location, schedules and more. This data provides intelligence for market research and planning future marketing campaigns.


2. Vtiger Calculus AI

Another significant feature of this CRM solution is Calculus AI. This feature uses the power of artificial intelligence to help marketing, sales and customer service teams have better conversations with customers. Vtiger Calculus guides team members toward more meaningful conversations that delight customers. Aiming to move them through the early stages of the funnel to become loyal customers.

CRM solutionThrough Calculus analytics, you gain insight into the quality of conversations. By analyzing emails and phone calls, pinpointing conversations that might need special attention. Also displaying relevant graphs and data through a dashboard.

Calculus AI also provides intelligent recommendations to maintain funnel momentum. Identifying the right leads based on their engagement and level of interaction. Offering advice on the next best actions and recommending tasks to be performed by agents based on the stage of the deal. Also identifying potential risks, all in a single CRM solution.

Vtiger’s AI reads patterns in historical data very accurately, with little or no manual intervention. Analyzing certain customer behaviors that can be seen at the initial contact stage. Exposing how these can impact a future outcome. Sales teams can receive great benefit from AI-based applications. These ultimately help them win more deals and close them faster.


3. Aide, Vtiger’s virtual assistant

CRM solutionIt has become fashionable these days to have a virtual assistant, and this CRM solution is no slouch. The market size value for global intelligent virtual assistant was $5.82 billion in 2020. It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.5% from 2021 to 2028 according to Grand View Research.

Aide is Vtiger’s virtual assistant that works as a Chrome extension. It installs in the Chrome browser and connects to the CRM for information. It displays calendar events and tasks in real time.

Aide can help you remember dates and tasks for specific events, meetings or deadlines. Also, with the search option, Aide can take you directly to the corresponding CRM record. Ensuring that information is immediately available, without wasting time searching for information by going to different screens in the CRM.

These and many more innovative features such as the social module, and important integrations with Clearbit, Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp are available to make Vtiger the best CRM solution on the market.


If you want to know more and learn about the possibilities that this tool offers, talk to GB Advisors. We are a group of experts in the areas of ITSM and cybersecurity ready to provide advice on the use of this tool. Our focus is on advices that can help you solve the specific needs of your organization. We accompany you from the moment of installation to its customized configuration, offering training by certified agents.


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