Why you need Intelligent Automation in ITSM?

automatización inteligente

Intelligent automation is starting to change the way businesses work, in nearly every sector of the economy.

Intelligent automation helps in streamlining companies processes and make complex decision-making simpler and faster. 

The range of applications to which Intelligent automation can be of help is expanding for technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Voice Recognition (VR). 

In other words, we know that by automating business processes, we can make great gains in productivity. Something most organizations are always looking to do.

In practice, it means virtual agents take over the knowledge work routines of humans so our time can be used in more value-adding work.

Now we look to tackle more complicated tasks by increasing automation’s intelligence with learning and self-learning abilities.

AI-based systems can be purely software-based, acting in the virtual world (e.g. voice assistants, image analysis software, search engines, speech and face recognition systems) or AI can be embedded in hardware devices (e.g. Advanced Robots, Autonomous Cars, Drones or Internet of Things applications). 

For instance, while AI has already set its footprints in e-commerce, automobile, and other industries, IT has just started embracing these trends.

 IT Service Management (ITSM) has a huge potential to benefit from intelligent automation; as service desk agents perform a variety of transactional tasks.

The IT teams across the globe today are faced with the growing expectations of users. In terms of faster service and modern technology, and that’s where intelligent automation steps in. 


  • Responding & remediating issues 
  • Categorizing & routing incidents 
  • Identifying & correlating patterns from large data sets gathered from IT systems for event management & IT performance optimization. 
  • Intelligent alerting & reporting capabilities 
  • Resolving IT problems proactively with predictive analytics
  •  On-demand self-help to serve up relevant knowledge base content to resolve user issues & questions.

Now, how can you design an intelligent automation strategy in ITSM for your company?

intelligent automationFirst, you need to address the following questions:

What is it you are intending to do with this automation? And Why?

Where does your goal fit in and how does it contribute to the business strategy?

Is it an AI or non-AI solution and how will you measure and report this to know it has succeeded?

Unfortunately, the use, costs, risks, and potential benefits of AI are just as easily misunderstood as has been done in the past with other technology tools. 

Like with any technology, sometimes there are areas within the business that naively believe AI can do what they want out of the box with no training. 

Moreover, at best it can provide the mathematical algorithms but it is the organization that needs to train the AI with what it needs. 

The key focus building an AI strategy should be about how do we make the analysts more productive and also improve the productivity of the business. 

For that, we need to understand how we’re going to communicate, know what we need to know, and do what needs doing. 

For example, you can evaluate the existing interaction channels you already have with your customers; and perform a deep dive analysis of how well they are working for your organization. 

If you are to automate them, decide on how you might change these channels to better suit your users’ way of working. In addition, this includes integrating your key channels into a cross-functional operational strategy. 

Automated chat flow is one technology that can streamline all the redundant and repetitive tasks. 

Above all, time is money, this tool can eliminate all the boring processes and help free up employee time that can be spent on other intellectual and creative tasks. 

The next focus is on the type and depth of knowledge needed for all the parties involved in automating knowledge activities. Such as capture, structure, reuse, and improve throughout the workflows. Interactions happen on a daily basis; and capturing all the knowledge from interaction channels to learn. 

The contributors for KCS are across the organization to the author, improve, and reuse content.  In conclusion, the result is a living, breathing repository of knowledge that evolves on real-time user demand. 

Furthermore, this can be directly integrated into the existing processes to get the best solutions into the hands of those who need it.

Establish collaboration between AI and human interaction requires trust and emotional intelligence.

Therefore, human and AI need to join forces to achieve the most significant performance improvements by enhancing each other’s complementary strengths. The leadership, creativity, and social skills of the former and the speed, scalability, and the quantitative capabilities of the latter. 

What comes naturally for humans can be tricky to the machines and what’s straightforward for machines is virtually impossible for humans, hence the need for collaborative intelligence to achieve maximum productivity

Intelligent automationIntelligent automation concepts can be overwhelming. 

Certainly, it is also not a piece of cake for organizations to communicate the purpose of AI to agents; and make sure they don’t feel the fear of losing their jobs. 


To put everything in place and get the intelligent automation strategy right takes immense planning and prim implementation. This is where choosing the right software comes into play. Picking the right service desk solution is very important to avoid challenges during the transition. 

Once you choose the right software and line up everything, AI can open up to a lot of new possibilities and make the agents’ job easier. The experience of the user better and bring more value to the organization so that everyone wins.

For instance, Freshservice is an online service desk that takes a fresh approach to ITSM. A plug and play solution for organizations that are trying to make everyday IT operations simpler and more efficient. 

Freshservice boasts of powerful ticketing and asset management capabilities on top of a refreshing user experience. 

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