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Marketing has a tremendous impact on business today. Not only does it determine whether you sell, but an effective marketing strategy could make the difference between success or failure. Vtiger CRM offers features and functionality designed to help your organization have a broad view of your marketing efforts, helping you to better plan your future strategies, manage your information, achieve brand consistency and other benefits that we will see below:.

Let’s talk about the benefits that Vtiger CRM offers as a marketing tool:

1 Unification of social networks:

VtigerWe all know that social networks play a key role in any marketing strategy. In an increasingly digitized corporate environment, it is important to maintain a constant presence. Whether it’s sharing stylish marketing content, and responding to reviews and/or comments on your posts.  

Vtiger CRM’s social module can help you achieve this. Since it allows direct integration with your Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter and Instagram accounts. This will allow you to bring your social media interactions into your CRM. So you and your team get a broad view of where your marketing efforts are focused and adapt future strategies. 

Effective social media management also involves tracking, planning and creating content for your company’s various social platforms. With the social module, it’s possible to compose messages, schedule posts and receive reviews that give you greater insight into how customers view your product or service, all from one place.  

2 More effective information management:

Having consolidated information is a considerable advantage for your marketing strategy, because we can process it for better decision-making.  

For example, the interactions that visitors make on a Google My Business page are an excellent way to connect with your customers. It’s also a remarkable way to get information about what a potential customer might be looking for from your business. You cannot waste such information.   

Fortunately Google My Business questions and answers can be entered into Vtiger CRM. This also makes it possible for you to compose and publish questions and answers yourself from within the CRM, helping you to better manage your information and provide consistent answers to your customers. From one place, no need to jump between different applications.  

An effective marketing strategy is not possible without first consolidating information. So that the work of analysis is easier and this allows you to know your customers better. Having the integration of your CRM with third-party applications is a significant advantage in this aspect. Because it helps you to unify various software systems and applications you use to manage your business. Ensuring the correct management of your customer information in a secure environment.  

3 Automation with Vtiger:

Digital marketing must move quickly at the pace of society. That’s why one of the most important advantages that Vtiger CRM software brings as a marketing tool is automation. This makes it possible to get rid of manual customer data entry and management. In addition to time-consuming scheduling of appointments, sales agreements, and manual internal communication.  


It is more effective to work on records within CRM and collaborate with other applications on a unified platform. Thus increasing productivity significantly.  By integrating your website with a CRM in your business, and by using CRM-enabled Point of Sale (POS) systems in your stores, you can store and manage data automatically. This strategy allows you to save time to focus on other critical tasks in your business. 

These automation rules are also available for your setup within the Vtiger CRM Social Module. With them, you can create contact records when a comment is posted or create a support case when specific words or phrases are mentioned in a few clicks.

4 Consistent email campaigns:

According to one study, 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content. However, creating email campaigns is a challenge faced by all marketers.

Fortunately, Vtiger also has features to make this task easier and more effective without so much effort. With the use of customizable email templates, it is possible to add customer-specific information directly from a database or software.   

It also makes it possible to maintain a consistent tone and approach, helping you to ensure brand consistency. Vtiger CRM offers more than 40 preloaded email templates. These can be customized through the drag-and-drop editor and HTML/CSS. Such templates can offer content tailored to the recipient. This improves your chances of success, saving time and resources. Relying on impeccable copywriting and an appropriate design.

Let’s not forget metrics as a marketing resource.

metrics VtigerOn the other hand, a very important point is to track the metrics of your email campaigns. Metrics can help you refine your marketing approach. Indicating how many of your recipients opened the emails, clicked on the links, etc. Vtiger CRM offers several metrics on email campaigns. Such as unopened emails, bounces, clicks, unsubscribes, and others. Based on these figures, you can apply modifications to increase your conversion ability. 

Vtiger was designed to help businesses of all sizes. Helping them implement a solid marketing and customer experience strategy. If you want to see how powerful Vtiger’s functionality can be as a marketing tool, contact our experts at GB Advisors. Get free advice on this and other technology tools today. 

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