5 current challenges that every company has and how Vtiger can help you face them

Being part of the business world can be very dynamic.

Every day you have to coordinate, organize and execute important tasks for your organization. 

At the same time, you must have the ability to provide personalized attention to your customers and control everything that happens in the company. 

Now, this business world also shows us the challenges and obstacles that can arise: 

  • The emergence of new digital tools, 
  • And the lack of process automation. 

These are some of the challenges that companies face worldwide. 

However, the biggest challenge of all is related to increase sales. 

In fact, if at this moment your business is having difficulties adapting to this new panorama and you have not been able to increase your sales, you are not the only one, since:

65% of companies internationally are unable to increase their sales without the appropriate use of technology.

Finally, if you want to reverse this situation for your business and you would like to know how: 

  • Face current challenges. 
  • Increase your sales. 
  • Automate your workflows. 
  • Collect essential information from your potential clients. 

Read this article to the end to find out.

Current challenges that every company has 

Low investment in technological infrastructure 

It is not a secret that many companies, especially SMEs, do not receive the same financing compared to large companies, which hinders their growth. 

The income they receive is diluted by meeting their financial obligations with their suppliers, rent payments, services, and payroll, leaving little or nothing for investment in digital tools. 

On the contrary, if you have enough money to buy the technology, it is difficult to find the tools that meet your needs. 

In this sense. 

Did you know that at least 44% of SME entrepreneurs point out that the lack of investment in new technologies is due to the limited existence of systems specially designed for their needs? 

Additionally, another element to consider is the lack of approach of software companies to medium and small businesses.

This generates uncertainty in their owners about which technology may be the most appropriate since usually software companies target large companies. 

So, entrepreneurs feel excluded by not being able to access that useful information or the digital products that can contribute to the growth of their sales. 

Lack of information backup environments – Current challenges that every company has

As we explained in the previous point.

If a company does not have the right digital tools for the growth of its business, much less does it have any to protect the relevant information of its customers, suppliers, and projects. 

That is why businesses worldwide suffer daily losses of valuable data that they cannot solve because they do not have a backup environment. 

Let’s take an example to explain this situation: 

Imagine that a natural disaster occurs where your business is located, and all the information of your company (administrative, financial, projects, and client base) was recorded in physical documents, and consequently, it was destroyed. 

In that scenario, you will have lost all valuable information, and you would have to start practically from zero with your company. 

This type of situation occurs because some entrepreneurs do not prioritize the digital backup of their company due to: 

  • Lack of software knowledge focused on data protection. 
  • Insufficient budget. 
  • Lack of specialized personnel in IT issues. 
  • Increase in employers and employees working from their personal devices. 
  • Among others. 

So, they do not enjoy the technological advantages that it could influence to increase the sales of their business. 

Lack of Technical Personnel in Computer Science

Most companies, especially medium and small ones, do not invest regularly in the training of their personnel in technological matters. 

Consequently, its ability to respond adequately to customer needs is considerably reduced, and of course, there would be great difficulty in solving a data loss due to external causes. 

Indecision About the Digital Infrastructure to Choose 

Sometimes it happens that business owners do not know about technological issues and when it comes time to choose a software they bet on the basics. 

They even store sensitive commercial and administrative information in public use clouds to avoid large expenses. 

In this context, by not having specialized IT staff, these types of situations are often frequent.

As well as indecisions in choosing the type of cloud or which email provider is the best option for the company.

Limited Commercial Platforms – Current challenges that every company has

The implementation of web pages to publicize your products and/or services mainly focuses on your clientele being able to identify you among the competition. 

However, they are not necessarily created so that you meet the expectations, goals, and tastes of your target audience. 

So, you do not have the possibility of obtaining information that you can take advantage of to get to know your potential clients in detail. 

Therefore, we recommend having a platform capable of providing direct and quality interaction with your target audience. 

Even, allowing you to know which communication channels your potential clients prefer. 

What can you do for your business? – Current challenges that every company has

If these challenges are not properly addressed, your business could have consequences, such as: 

  • Low competitiveness compared to other businesses in the same sector. 
  • Lack of economic growth. 
  • High probability of losing information due to natural disasters or computer attacks. 
  • Stagnation in obtaining new clients. 
  • The bankruptcy of the company. 

In addition, if your business does not successfully face these challenges, your customers will simply feel dissatisfied and annoyed.

Therefore, they will look for another company that offers them 100% automated processes. 

Finally, considering this problem, what can you do for your company?

Bet on Vtiger CRM to face current challenges 

Vtiger is the leading CRM company with experience in the development of technological solutions for more than 10 years. 

Its tools stand out for successfully connecting companies of any size with potential clients and facilitating the incorporation of IT environments into your business. 

Its CRM is incredibly easy to set up, manage, and use, making it the ideal choice for growing businesses in a highly competitive and dynamic world. 

This software allows you to: 

  • Create and customize forms that will allow you to collect essential data from your customers. 
  • Establish automatic response email and SMS campaigns. 
  • Integrate your workflows with Google Gsuite, Office 365, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and more than 400 web applications. 
  • Accelerate team collaboration with automatic task assignment. 
  • Create, schedule, and export custom reports. 
  • And much more. 

Why can Vtiger CRM benefit your business? 

Free versions of conventional CRMs offer very basic functions for managing sales processes. 

In addition, most do not have integrations with useful applications for your business.

Such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Business owners usually build a first contact database for regulars and prospects.

But as the company grows, things start to get complicated. 

That is why investing in quality CRM software can give your business visibility and provide a better customer experience. 

Feel supported to implement Vtiger CRM 

GB Advisors is an authorized Vtiger CRM agent, focused on providing you with the best technological solutions according to your needs and preferences. 

If you have difficulties with the installation and configuration of any tool, don’t worry, as we can do all of that for you. 

Also, we offer you personalized advice with our experts at each stage from the beginning with free preliminary advice, and after the purchase, since we care about lasting relationships. 

Likewise, from day one we will teach you how the software’s functionalities are adapted to the needs of your business. 

What are you waiting for to optimize your business? Contact us now! 

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