Customer Experience: How can a CRM help you optimize it?

Customer experience

Customer experienceHow often do you think about the customer experience you offer? How much time and resources do you invest in improving it?


A few weeks ago I decided to start a course on an online learning platform. There were many options, but I chose them because besides offering an excellent program, they also allowed me to advance at my own pace without leaving home, and they allowed me to have a teacher at my disposal to solve all my questions.



The experience was a complete disappointment. They sent me lots of daily alerts to my mail, I received several calls from the “teacher”, without prior notice and what I thought would be a good motivation tool became a nightmare.


After so much harassment I decided to cancel my subscription, I didn’t care about the quality of the course or the other services they offered (they had high-quality learning resources). I no longer wanted anything to do with them.


Anyway, I’m not telling you this story to talk about me, but to use it as an example of how a company, despite offering a good product, can make its customers run away just by neglecting the experience it gives them.


Users interact with different companies every day, even without realizing it. One of the most important factors that make one company stand out from another is the quality of the customer experience they offer.


So how can you deliver one that’s great? Easy, knowing your potential customers well. For this, one of the indispensable tools that you must use is a CRM, because it will make the interaction with the users simpler.


Do you want to know exactly how it can help you? Read on and find out more.

The customer experience and its importance


Customer experience


The customer experience is nothing more than how an individual perceives his or her interaction with a certain brand or company. It is all the emotions and feelings that an organization can provoke to a customer before, during and after purchasing a product or service.




Offering a good customer experience can bring many advantages to the business. Among other things it can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance loyalty.
  • Optimize the brand’s image.
  • Boost sales.


Companies are paying more and more attention to the experience they offer because they have realized that competition is tough and that customers are increasingly demanding, so a good relationship is the only way to guarantee their preference.


To improve the customer experience, it is necessary to understand him. This means knowing step by step his buying process, determining what makes him link to a specific brand, what aspects of a product he appreciates the most analyzing his consumer experience, and identifying what his needs are and how your product or service can meet them.


Gathering and analyzing so much user data may seem complex at first glance, and it would be if we considered doing the whole process manually. Luckily this is not necessary, as there are different tools that can help us to efficiently manage customer information.


One of the most essentials is CRM. This type of software is able to help us optimize every aspect of the customer relationship and not only that. Its wide variety of functionalities significantly improves the way sales teams work.


5 Ways CRM Can Help You Improve the Customer Experience


#1 Centralized information


Customer experience


A CRM tool is able to centralize and provide simple access to all available information about a customer. In this way, agents can easily create and access a user’s profiles to track a request, update the status of an order or study and resolve the case of a dissatisfied customer.



#2 Automation


Manual tasks can consume an enormous amount of time, not to mention that they are capable of diminishing employee motivation as they tend to be tedious and repetitive. Luckily, CRM eliminates the need to perform many manual tasks.


As a result, agents can focus on more demanding activities, such as studying customer profiles and finding more effective sales strategies.


#3 Better internal communication


Thanks to CRM, agents no longer need to jump from one site to another to access a customer’s history. In addition, because the information is centralized, employees from different departments can share and check relevant information about a customer through real-time updates.


This ultimately translates into better internal communication, greater productivity and better response time to requests.


#4 Cost reduction


A CRM tool is able to help employees reduce the time and resources needed to perform a task; resulting in reduced costs.

In addition, it can help you increase your ROI by contributing to the acquisition of truly qualified leads; which will then become loyal customers.


#5 More sales opportunities


Customer experience


As we just mentioned, through a CRM you will be able to acquire better leads. And through the CRM’s incredible sales potential; agents will be able to better serve users by sending them answers to the most frequently asked questions before purchase, quickly accessing their purchase history, validating their order, and providing after-sales service.


In conclusion, a CRM is precisely what you need to optimize the way you interact with your customers. If you are interested in acquiring a quality tool; we recommend that you take a look at Freshsales. An intuitive CRM with high-level functionalities.


Do you want to go further and have a complete view of your customers? Use Freshworks 360 and make them quickly fidelize with your brand.


What are you waiting for? Start now to build lasting relationships with your customers. Find everything you need to optimize your service with us. In GB Advisors we have for you a catalog of high technology solutions and a team of professionals willing to advise you on what you need. Contact us now.

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