7 top tips for selecting the best recruiting software

recruiting software

When it comes to selecting a new recruiting software, there are several key factors to consider. For example, you should verify that it has a user-friendly interface, its features, and most importantly, how it analyzes candidate data.

To help you with this important task, in this blog post, we will analyze the importance of this tool, and give you some tips that will help you save time when implementing a recruiting software.  

What is a recruiting software?  

To successfully select a system to streamline the search for human talent, we must first understand how this tool works. A recruitment software (or ATS) is a program that allows recruiters to coordinate the entire hiring process, and save time by analyzing candidate information.  

One of the main functions of this system is to streamline the application processing and simplify communication with applicants. It also allows you to obtain advanced statistics that you can use to perform predictive analysis of the applicant’s profiles. 

Why does your company need a recruiting software?  

Did you know that the approximate time to fill a vacancy is 36 days? Although many factors contribute to the success of this task, the selection process begins when the vacancy is published. Then, the recruiter must read hundreds of applications to advance to the interview phase, and finally make a decision.   

Recruiting software is the perfect solution to streamline this process. With this tool, human resources professionals can post vacancies and save time by identifying the best candidates.   

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In addition, this software not only gives more visibility to your job offers, but also allows you to publish them on the right channel. This way, you can attract the best-qualified candidates.  

What aspects should you consider when selecting a recruiting software?  

1. Check the integrations of the recruiting software 

Integrations are an important aspect to consider when choosing a recruiting software. Hence, you must be sure that the selected tool can easily connect with the programs already operating in your company, including ticketing systems, CRM, and ERP software.  

This way, the system will offer you a better experience and improve your team’s communication.  

2. Select a SaaS solution

Software as a service (or SaaS) is one of the most used tools by recruiters nowadays. This licensing model offers great advantages, including:   

  • A user-friendly interface.   
  • Reduce implementation time.  
  • Provide more flexibility.  
  • Don’t require additional hardware for their operation.  

Likewise, with this type of program, your company will have access to next-generation features without paying for a lifetime license. Therefore, you will not only improve the selection process, but also reduce costs.  

3. Consider your image as an employer

One of the essential components of recruitment marketing is the external promotion of your image as an employer. Regardless of the recruiting software you choose, you must be able to share content on the platforms where the best-qualified candidates are.   

If you have a good image as an employer, it will be easier for you to attract candidates organically. For this reason, you must always select a recruiting software that helps you share stories and interact directly with your future employees.   

4. Think about your social networks

Selecting your candidates through social networks is another way to strengthen your image as an employer. A study conducted by LinkedIn found that most professionals follow several companies at once to find out the new job openings. 

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Therefore, you must select a tool that integrates with the social networks your candidates use. This way, you can try new marketing strategies to streamline the recruitment process.    

5. Test the interface and functionalities of the recruiting software

The most popular software tools are not the ones with the most features, but the ones with the most user-friendly interface. For a recruiting software to be successful, it must have an intuitive platform that offers users a good experience.  

Consequently, you must be sure that the selected solution is easy to use, has a responsive design, and is fast to load. This will allow you to save time implementing the new tool, and you will be able to get the most out of it.  

6. Focus on Data Analysis

For a recruitment process to be successful, recruiters must constantly analyze and compare candidates’ data. So, make sure your new recruiting software allows you to create reports to analyze applicant’s information.  

This feature will also be useful to monitor ROI. In this way, you’ll be able to see how your candidates find your vacancies, how long it takes your team to fill a position, and determine the hiring cost.   

7. Make sure the recruiting software has a trial version

Some recruiting software offers a free trial period, which you can use to get to know the system better, and be more confident about your purchase decision.    

You can also use this demo version to learn about its functions and performance. During this period, ask recruiters to take note of the features they find useful and the flaws, so you can evaluate each tool better.  

Are you ready to implement a recruiting software in your company?  

Once you’ve analyzed the points we mentioned above, we recommend meeting with your HR team. This way, you can evaluate your options and make the best decision. 

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On the contrary, if you have not found yet a tool rich in functions and with an affordable price, let me tell you that your search ends today. Freshteams has a platform designed to streamline the human talent selection process and has plans that fit your company’s needs.   

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At GB Advisors, we help you integrate this and other technological solutions to increase your profits and improve your users’ experience. We offer you personalized attention with the installation and configuration of any software.    

You will also receive advice from our team of experts! They will guide you step by step to help you take full advantage of these tools.   

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