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omnichannel in educational institutions

In the age of technological advances, it is important that educational institutions make use of all available tools to offer the best possible experience to students, applicants, teachers, and in general, all the staff working there. The answer to this is to integrate omnichannel in educational institutions.

With omnichannel help desk software, educators and students can connect and collaborate in ways that were not possible before. It also helps improve efficiency and productivity within an institution.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of using omnichannel tools in educational institutions and provide you with an ideal solution. Read on to learn more!

Advantages of omnichannel tools in educational institutions

Personalize the student experience

If a customer cannot use the communication channel that is most convenient for him, it can mean one less sale. In the case of an educational center, not giving students different alternatives for learning and communicating with their teachers can mean that they do not learn. And this is a major problem.

Omnichannel tools allow students to have all channels at their disposal. And that when contacting the institution they can do so through the one they are most comfortable with. For example, some students may prefer to contact their professor via email; while others may want a videoconference to clarify doubts. In turn, the institution, if it makes use of an omnichannel platform, can respond quickly to all these requests by having them in one place.

omnichannel in educational institutions

In addition, omnichannel institutions can also use other means such as chatbots or live chats:

  • For students or applicants, chatbots are perfect on the institution’s websites. You can use them to answer frequently asked questions related to course structures, timetables, and schedules; in other words, to share information that is immutable or not open to interpretation.
  • Live chats, on the other hand, can be very useful for the support team at the institution. They can cover, above all, requests from applicants who need more guidance regarding the operation of the institution.
  • On the other hand, live chats are also useful for communication between students and teachers. However, we must keep in mind the following: yes, customer service in commerce should be available 24/7, but in education, a teacher cannot be available for so long. But with proper regulations, it can be an efficient tool for resolving queries.

Data collection and analysis

Information is the most important thing for the success of any organization, and educational institutions are no exception. Applying omnichannel in educational institutions allows data to be collected and stored for processing.  This is due to the fact that Artificial Intelligence teams use 80% of their time to collect data.

With this, you can plan future improvements in processes and workflows. For example, with AI, you can identify if there are questions on a repeating topic. There you will be identifying which part of the process or area needs more attention. So you can also create online resources to fill in the gaps in information so that learners can access it.

Increase your institution’s enrollment rate

By improving attendance, you can attract more applicants to your institution. With an omnichannel platform, you not only improve your strategies for online channels, but also for offline ones. Create unified strategies that make use of precisely the data collected, and you can better understand what students require and want.

Omnichannel tools

All this information allows you to better understand who your ideal learner is. And then how best to engage them on social media. Today, Facebook ads can be targeted to specific age groups or demographics so that the campaign success is higher than ever before.

For these reasons, it is important to integrate omnichannel into educational institutions. Moreover, not only does it offer these advantages, but many others. Let’s take a look at one solution you can consider for your educational institution and what specific benefits it offers:

The most popular omnichannel solution in the market is at your fingertips

To get incredible and fast results in improving your support team, GB Advisors brings you the best option in the market: Freshdesk Omnichannel.

Omnichannel education

This help desk software offers you the following benefits:

Optimal management of IT equipment

Like any organization, educational institutes are made up of technical infrastructure. From Wi-Fi to computers and printers, they have enough devices to need to keep track of their performance and operation. Here’s how Freshdesk helps you:

  • Optimize your customer requests: With Freshdesk you save time tracking pending requests. It’s easy to maintain a customizable inbox view that automatically sorts all pending work into categories according to priority. This way, everyone can stay on top of things without having to organize the files themselves.
  • Self-service portal: With Freshdesk, the IT team can focus on higher-priority projects. Employees and students can find answers to their questions immediately through an online self-service portal.
  • Freshdesk’s customer service team makes it easy to get answers without having to ask for more information. The system provides context on who is asking, as well as how many issues they have reported in the past—making resolution faster and easier than ever!

Automate workflows

Integrating omnichannel in educational institutions with Freshdesk offers powerful automation tools that save time for the administrative team of a school or university. In addition, omnichannel also allows teams to collaborate more efficiently by centralizing information and communication channels.

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Ultimately, today’s students need institutions that are committed to the future and technological innovation. Omnichannel in educational institutions offers you much more than unifying communication channels. With tools like Freshdesk Omnichannel, you can optimize the entire support area and take your institution to the next level.

GB Advisors offers you the opportunity to acquire this digital solution easily and with our pre and post-implementation support. We make sure that you and your team are prepared to use it and take full advantage of it.

If you are interested in learning more about this or other tools, don’t hesitate to contact us. Get your free consultation today.


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