6 top tips to increase sales of an online store using a CRM

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Do you have an online store? Then, you’re probably looking for new ways to increase your profits. Although there are several strategies you can try in your business, none will give you better results than implementing a CRM software.  

With this solution, you can effectively coordinate interactions with your customers and monitor all of their purchases. This will allow you to create effective marketing strategies and increase customer loyalty.   

Interesting, isn’t it? Then keep reading, in this blog post, we will show you the advantages of implementing a CRM on an online store, and give you some tips that will help you get the most out of this tool. Let’s get started!  

Online stores and sales today  

The use of technological solutions in e-commerce is an effective strategy that facilitates the marketing of all types of products or services. It also simplifies data analysis techniques to obtain valuable information about customers’ needs. All this ultimately translates into more sales.   

With a CRM, you can manage all these processes centrally and automate your marketing tasks. In addition, this tool can also manage interactions on your social networks and enhance user loyalty.   

What are the benefits of a CRM in an online store?  

CRMs allow you to manage three fundamental areas of e-commerce: sales management, marketing, and customer service. Although this platform has many features, its main objective is to monitor the sales funnel and improve the quality of service.  

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Likewise, by integrating this tool with your e-commerce, you get the following benefits:   

  • Understands the customers’ needs.
  • Simplifies the management of advertising campaigns. 
  • Generates more sales opportunities.  
  • Automates repetitive tasks.  
  • Improves communication between Marketing and Sales teams.  
  • Increases customer satisfaction.  

How to improve the sales of an online store using a CRM?  

1. Coordinate your sales team’s tasks

Can you imagine discovering that all your sales department have been calling the same contact? With a CRM software, you can coordinate your team’s tasks and optimize their workflow. As a result, you will be able to better monitor their performance and have the certainty that all your collaborators are focused on reaching the same goal.  

2. Prepare a list of important contacts

Identifying the most valuable customers is vital for your sales team. These buyers are known for placing higher volume orders and are loyal to your online store. Therefore, you must spend time managing their requests and give them higher priority.   

With a CRM, your sales team can save time selecting these clients, and obtain valuable information, such as their website, email, phone number, and address. Likewise, this solution can help you monitor the movements of these customers and keep their information up to date.  

3. Prepare an onboarding program

Onboarding programs have many advantages. Not only do they help new customers learn the true value of your products, but they also encourage them to keep buying.   

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You can use the information collected in the CRM to contact your customers and make welcome calls. You can also send emails with exclusive offers or organize demonstrations of your new products. As a result, you increase customer loyalty and improve your service quality. 

4. Identify customers at-risk

Even the best stores lose customers at some point. Thus, you must rely on CRM information to identify the clients who have had problems with your company and contact them.   

You must encourage your salespeople to be proactive. For example, they can contact at-risk customers to listen to their requests and offer them new products. This way, you can close differences and build a more lasting relationship.   

5. Contact customers who have not purchased in a long time

When customers come back to an online store, it is very likely they’ll buy again. However, clients usually don’t return on their own and get distracted along the way. It’s at this stage that your sales team should contact them and remind them why they need your products.  

A CRM software allows you to easily identify customers who have not purchased for a long time, and contact them through various channels to maximize sales opportunities.   

6. Implement e-mail marketing strategies

If you want to increase your online store sales with a CRM, e-mail marketing is a strategy that you cannot ignore. With this program, you can create e-mail marketing campaigns to advertise your offers, new products, and special events.   

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You can also segment your campaigns to offer products that satisfy your customers’ needs. This will increase the chances to make a sale and stay ahead of your competitors.   

Are you ready to implement this tool in your online store?  

I know what you’re thinking: With so many options available, how can I choose the best CRM for my e-commerce? Then, I have excellent news, Freshsales is the best solution to increase your profits!   

This software stands out for offering a friendly platform that perfectly adapts to the needs of online stores. In addition, it allows you to visualize the status of your offers through an innovative channel. You can also customize this according to the requirements of each client. In this way, your team will be able to make intelligent decisions and improve their sales strategy.    

At GB Advisors, we can support you with the integration of this and other technological solutions to boost your company’s sales. You will also receive advice from our group of experts, who will guide you step by step, to make sure these tools work correctly, and help you achieve your goals.        

What are you waiting for? Contact us and receive a free consultation! 

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