3 things you should know before getting a free CRM

Elegir un CRM

When choosing a CRM you have probably thought about acquiring a free one.  Because who doesn’t like to think that they can have everything they need for little or no cost? But the truth is that this could be a two-sided coin. That’s why we will take a moment to talk about 3 things you should know before getting a free CRM (Customer relationship management).


Free CRM or trial version?

Just like many other online tools or applications, there are free CRMs that offer various possibilities for small businesses. Among some of the most favorable features, we can mention that there is no pressure or financial commitment. Also, the time to learn how to use the tool in a “practice only” context is unlimited.

By using a free CRM you could explore many features and discover the functions. Especially those that are most useful for your organization or company. You even have the possibility to do small internships, or training with your staff or employees. However, is a free CRM enough?

Free CRM

These free versions of CRMs are usually limited versions of a full paid version. And this is a reality almost 90% of the time. In other words, the companies that provide this software want to make sure that you can get a visualization before you pay. So you don’t have to guess between one alternative and another.

This can be indeed a great opportunity for users to try a CRM without prior commitment. Yet it is proof that free CRMs are not really designed to offer the full uses of the tool but just a glimpse.


Security or maximized cost savings? 

Information is more important today than ever. Customers have also become increasingly aware of the use and storage of their personal information. This reality leads companies to the imminent need to properly secure such information. This is not only for the well-being and trust of their customers, but also to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities. For non-compliance with regulations on the use of personal information.

Secure CRM

Although many free CRMs offer the ability to export existing data or segment and filter your data. This may not provide the security and backup needed to safeguard customer information.

On the other hand, once you have collected new information, it may not really be accessible to us when we need it. Or worse, it may not give us the ability to migrate to another CRM without wasting our resources.

Nor can we forget about cyber-threats Two of the most common threats that data recorded in the CRM may face are: the threat of data loss due to a server crash and a massive security breach.  When hackers attack a CRM system, they will most likely first find out which CRM application you use. Then look for any known vulnerabilities that they can immediately exploit. Expect free CRMs to be at the top of the lists.


Real support or borderline self-sufficiency?

Speaking of cases of security breaches or vulnerabilities. In the event of a server crash, do we have sufficient support?. Although it could be said that self-sufficiency is a very good feature, especially for small companies, when it comes to technology it is best to have the necessary help at hand.

CRM tech support

Behind every free CRM there is a gray space to which we do not have access. Therefore, we are in the responsibility to take enough precautions to ensure data backups in the cloud or on multiple servers and have vital data backed up.

There are several features within CRMs that can be managed or programmed in case of data theft. They are made to ensure the strictest level of security that can be provided to the data stored on the servers. Bad news is that these features may not be part of a free CRM offering.


An option within your reach.

For all these reasons it is necessary and essential to choose a reliable CRM provider. Although maybe now you are just wondering what to do if you don’t trust a free CRM, but you can’t afford such expensive solutions.

That’s why there are solutions like Freshworks CRM. Designed to help you manage your customer data, provide you with actionable insights, and connect your teams, all for a low cost. Powered by AI, it can provide automated sales and marketing, online chats, phone calls and the security your customers need, in one solution.

But Freshworks CRM is not alone, it’s backed by GB-Advisors. A team of experts, ready to help you in the process of installation, data migration and even staff training. Everything to help Freshworks CRM become not just another tool, but one tailored to your needs.


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