Messaging Software: What advantages can it bring to your company?

Messaging Software

Messaging Software: What advantages can it bring to your company?

Every day, more and more companies decide to bet on some messaging software to optimize the experience of their customers. However, many others have not even considered the idea yet; either because they are still unclear about the usefulness of this tool or because they do not really know exactly which one to choose.

Deciding on the messaging software that suits you, does not have to become a complicated task. Evaluate in detail the advantages of messaging software, and easily make the most favorable decision for your business with all the information we bring to you below.

Why a messaging software?

The digital age has exponentially changed customer behavior and expectations. The new user wants it all and wants it very fast; especially when navigating in cyberspace. For this reason, in order to maintain competitiveness; companies must select to integrate into their systems tools that allow them to satisfy the customer’s needs instantly. One of the most effective solutions is the Live Chat Support or messaging application for support.

With this tool, organizations can actively involve customers and respond to their questions and concerns while they are sitting in front of their computers or mobile phones. It is a very practical resource; it allows for solving an enormous amount of user requests without the need of having the physical presence of the company’s agent.

What are the advantages that a messaging application can offer?

#1 Improves customer service and leads loyalty

Live chat allows you to solve problems more effectively, provide quick answers to questions about the products offered by the company; and ensure customers support and total availability in every interaction they have with your organization. It is a simple but very effective recipe for improving customer service and customer loyalty to your brand.

Messaging Software

#2 Increase sales

Customers who use Live Chat are three times more likely to make purchases compared to a site that does not have one. This is because Live Chat allows visitors instant access to the company’s customer service and/or sales representatives; which gives your team many more opportunities to turn those visitors into customers.

In addition to being a customer service tool, live chat also allows you to highlight promotional offers in a more personalized way by going directly to the interlocutor.

#3 It is cost-effective

A messaging application can be even more profitable than a traditional telephone support system, because it allows for decreasing, among others, the maintenance costs related to this service.

In addition, through this type of tool; organizations can reduce the need to hire a large group of agents to handle all the traffic that enters their website; thanks to the Live Chat features, the same agent will be able to handle multiple requests at the same time.

Messaging Software

#4 Offers useful metrics

Live chat technology is constantly evolving and continues to add new features such as integration with other tools such as CRM; device compatibility, payment functions, ticketing, and reporting. This means more valuable data for businesses. Through this type of software, organizations will be able to collect important information from users such as their demographics and preferences; allowing them to offer a more personalized service.

#5 Humanize your brand

Despite being a resource that promotes remote communication, messaging software can become the perfect resource to give a more humane approach to your organization.

With a Live Chat tool, you can easily determine the friction points of your website. This allows you to improve the professionalism of your website to increase the confidence of your customers and prospects.  In this way, visitors will feel more secure as they can count on permanent, visible, and available help.

Many Internet users get lost when they visit a website for the first time; so they feel safer and can go directly to the services they are looking for. Offering a Live Chat reinforces the image, legitimacy, and seriousness of the company in the minds of visitors. The messaging software also allows you to establish links with visitors and potential customers. It humanizes your site and shows your commitment to customer service.

What type of messaging software is right for me?

Today’s market for software solutions offers multiple options for businesses of all types. So it can be a bit complicated for some organizations to choose an option considering the numerous proposals that exist. In order to choose the one that best suits your business, the first thing you should do is define your objectives well; this way you will be able to establish which features your software must obligatorily integrate to help you achieve your goals.

Messaging Software

If after that, you still don’t know where to start, we recommend you take a look at Freshchat. A solution brought to the market by the giant Freshworks and with its seal of quality. This messaging software with integrated artificial intelligence allows you to connect effectively with your customers; wherever they are and at any time. Best of all, you’ll be able to integrate with other Freshworks ecosystem solutions to get a 360-degree view of your user interactions.

Bet on a more efficient way to communicate with your customers. If you want more information about Freshchat or any other Freshworks solution, do not hesitate to contact us. At GB Advisors our main motivation is to offer effective solutions to our clients.

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