Learn 4 different uses for chatbots in your business

Chatbots, we are pretty sure you heard about them before, but do you really know what they are, and why they are so popular? 

Chatbots are software programs that are capable of engaging in near human-like conversations. Is like having a real person doing all the communication for your company. 

Their success comes together with the popularity of social messaging applications. These apps enable instant messaging, and that is a key factor that every business must consider. 

Customers don’t want to send an email or call your customer service line to receive support.

Yes, that was the usual a while ago, but today customers expect the quickest and easiest ways to communicate with any company.

In addition, they not only expect quick responses but also they want to have information about your company without needing to wait for the typical working hours.

That can only be accomplished by counting with a chatbot

Yes, there’s no better way to communicate with your customers that using a chatbot. Moreover, they can be implemented across various business functions and industries. 

Now, let’s review 4 different uses for chatbots.

1. Chatbots for customer experience

Customer experience has come a long way. Now, a big part of it relay on technology; because customers expect contextual, personalized support in real-time, and they won’t settle for less.

chatbots Thankfully, chatbots offer a variety of real-life uses that companies are leveraging to keep customers happy. 

Unlike traditional channels like phone or emails, chatbots can initiate conversations.


Offer real-time solutions, and guide customers to find solutions without having to wait in line for the next available agent. 

Other real-time channels of support such as calls or live chat depend on an agent’s availability. However,  chatbots can manage any number of conversations at the same time. 

In addition, chatbots can be implemented to automate transactional tasks such as updating customer information which might have previously required a multi-step process with a human agent.

Chatbots can help you exploit previous interactions with customers and engage in personalized in-context conversations to deliver better customer experiences.

2. Chatbots for customer service 

With chatbots, you can deliver great customer service at scale. They can also help you to be proactive with your support by enabling bots for FAQs that provide answers with just a few clicks.

You don’t need an agent being available during working hours to respond to your customers in no time because chatbots provide instant help to anyone reaching out to your company.

3. Chatbots for marketing 

Sometimes, even when we try our best to optimize our websites and to make them as interactive and friendly as possible, still a big part of visitors struggle to find the information they are looking for. 

Not finding what they’re after is a frustrating experience for the on-demand customers; and unfortunately there’s a big chance that they will leave the website without doing anything. 

Chatbots help you shift the focus from passively capturing leads to proactively engaging visitors in conversations. Instead of forcing prospects and website visitors to go through a tedious MQL process, chatbots engage in human-like conversations in real-time to nurture leads. 

You can add a chatbot to your pricing page to proactively reach out to visitors and nudge them to make a purchase. For example, cart abandonment is one of the most common drop-offs on retail and e-commerce sites. 

chatbotsYou can also program your chatbots to trigger messages or initiate conversations based on the time spent on a page or similar behavior by website visitors. 

Monitoring your customer’s journey can be a challenge, but with chatbots on your side, this can be easy to manage.

By setting up bots to guide your visitors through an ideal user journey, pointing them in the right direction to understand more about your product or service.

4. Chatbots for sales

Real-time responses are the key to understand what your customers are expecting; and there’s actually no excuse to not provide them with those. 

If a customer finds itself waiting for a long time he will go with someone else. Yes, even if your product is better or cheaper.

With chatbots, you can speed up your sales while helping you to close deals like never before. Moreover, they work across the sales funnel. Website visitors can be segmented into first-time users, high-quality leads, customers, and more. Your messages can be relayed to these segmented groups based on how they interact with your website. 

In Freshworks we have an AI-powered chatbot that you will love. 

With  “Freddy”, you can custom-build chatbots for any business use case, industry, or goal. Freddy works across the entire customer engagement journey from prospecting right through to customer success. 

By using powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, Freddy is constantly learning new skills. Providing predictive insights, and new business opportunities. Freddy seamlessly integrates with Freshworks’ suite of products or with your existing technology stack without breaking your business processes or your bank. 

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