4 tips you need for succeeding with your chatbot strategy

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Do you already use chatbots in your company? But, most importantly do you have a chatbot strategy?

A lot has changed since the old days when TV commercials were the biggest advertising for companies. 

Sure TV commercials still exist, but now we have multiple ways to sell products and reaching out to our customers.

One of the most popular ones are live chats. Its success relies on the fact that customers demand the quickest responses from businesses.

As a result, the communication between customers and brands has evolved to real-time conversations where the client can be in another country, while the agent can be working from home as well. 

Moreover, sometimes there’s no need for an actual agent. With chatbots, you can trust in AI for communicating with your audience 24/7. 

The important part here is to provide instant responses to anyone who tries to communicate with your business from wherever they are; and your company has to be ready for it. 

That’s where chatbots step in. 

Chatbots have shown a huge success for companies who use it.  Customers find them helpful, fast, and informative. With chatbots, you can engage in personal, contextual conversations that humanize your brand, improve customer relations, and drive up sales.

A chatbot strategy can be used to proactively engage with prospects. 

Chatbots are a cost-effective solution that provides a 24/7 availability. Allowing you to proactively reach out to website visitors and increase your chances of converting conversations into sales.

chatbot strategyIn addition,  you can run personalized campaigns, nurture new users, upsell to customers, make payments easier, and reduce customer churn. 

As we said at the beginning, customers now expect immediate responses.


In consequence, having chatbots as a part of your marketing strategy is a great opportunity to humanize your brand. 

 How can you do that? 

1. Building a powerful chatbot strategy 

The first thing we need to say here is that this strategy needs to constantly evolve to match your customer’s ever-changing needs. You can begin by assessing the challenges you are looking to solve using chatbots. 

While you’re at it, make sure you assign KPIs or goals to measure the success of your chatbot marketing strategy.

Here are four key things to keep in mind when designing a chatbot strategy: 

  • Start with the problem you want to solve and set a clear objective
  • Ensure that the implementation of your bot is quick and affordable
  • Ensure that it does not disrupt your existing business processes
  • Assign goals to measure and quantify the success of your strategy.

2. Personalizing conversations with chatbots

When it comes to using chatbots,  personalization is the one thing that you can leverage to enhance the customer’s experience. A chatbot’s welcome message is a good place to start. It is the perfect opportunity to invite website visitors to start engaging and demonstrate that your bot is capable of intelligent conversations. 

With repeat or existing customers, you can leverage historical data to set the conversational context and address their query or purchase request without delay. 

You can also use live-user activity to trigger a chatbot conversation. This allows the chatbot to engage with the customer based on how they are interacting with your product or website.

For instance, chatbot conversations can be triggered when a customer looks like they are about to leave your retail site while there are still unpurchased items in their cart. Real-time personalization is no easy feat but the value it provides cannot be understated. 

3. Using chatbots for delivering content 

Intuitive chatbot tools power up your marketing strategy by helping you schedule targeted content delivery, measure key metrics, and providing actionable insights about your audience — all of these add up to reel in revenue for your business.

By helping you market your product or service over popular messaging platforms, chatbots improve CPM (cost per mile) better than traditional marketing. Additionally, you can push messages with personalized recommendations, timely updates about purchases, etc. to improve sales.  

Moreover, you can also use chatbots to instantly answer customers frequently asked questions.  This leaves your customers happy and your team with more time on their hands to solve complex issues.

4. Regularly monitoring your chatbot’s performance

We know that chatbots are a great solution, but you still need to constantly measure its performance. Depending on the type of business and the objectives of your chatbot marketing strategy, the metrics to measure the effectiveness of your chatbot’s performance can differ. 

chatbot strategyOnce you decide on these performance metrics, you need to constantly monitor them and adjust your chatbot’s behavior accordingly to meet your goals. 



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