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ITSM trends 2023

Have you already planned how to improve your operations for better ITSM results in 2023?

Of course, we know that this planning necessarily depends on the needs and particularities of your type of business… However, knowing the main ITSM trends in 2023 can help you improve your optimization plan. That’s why we bring you this article! So take note.

ITSM scenario in 2022

While last year’s IT service management improved over previous years, the AXELOS ITSM benchmarking report of 2022 shows that there is still a lot of room for improvement. Let’s look at some numbers:

ITSM in 2023

In your case, which of these practices do you think your company needs to improve? Are there any practices that you have not yet implemented? Assess your needs and get ready to optimize your ITSM in 2023!

Which are the ITSM trends in 2023?

ITSM trends in 2023

Let’s see what each of these trends are all about!

ITSM Trend #1 Employee-centric IT service management

Employee Experience (EX) is one of the most critical trends in ITSM, and in 2023 it will continue to boom. In recent years, technology, more than a business enabler, is a critical enabler for employees.

It is crucial that you assess whether IT service delivery in your business makes work easier or harder. From there, you can determine what you’re doing well and what needs to change.

According to Forrester Research, “The State Of The Service Desk 2022” 62% of employees often shy away from using the service desk. Meanwhile, the other 58% are kept with open tickets for IT issues that can’t be resolved in a timely manner.

Just like this research, you too need to measure the satisfaction and experience the employee has on a daily basis with the company’s IT services. This will help you to:

  • Gain insight into the performance of IT operations.
  • Measure service quality at the point of consumption.
  • Determine the real-time effectiveness of improvements being implemented.
  • Identify primary and recurring incidents experienced by employees. And, subsequently, the root problem.

Indeed, ITSM in 2023 must be focused on the employee experience in order to evolve and adapt, to a greater degree and more effectively, to the needs of the business.

ITSM Trend #2 ITSM Optimization with Intelligent Automation

Automations have been implemented in IT service management for some time now. In the last 5 years with progressive improvements. Today, artificial intelligence and natural language understanding are increasingly valuable to overcome ITSM obstacles and deliver consistent and reliable service.

In ITSM, intelligent automation is a combination of workflow automation, process robotics, and artificial intelligence. This technology is especially beneficial in understanding and managing the information generated and captured by ITSM software.

For example, the history of data generated by these tools can be analyzed by intelligent automation to identify issues and predict the best approach to incident resolution.

ITSS trends 2023 - Intelligent automation

ITSM Trend #3 Enterprise Service Management Implementation

ITSM best practices in 2023 won’t just be for the IT team. While other departments in a company might not need service management, the truth is that the practices and technology solutions in the IT area are well suited for any team working in a distributed and remote manner.

Enterprise Service Managament

That is what Enterprise Service Management is about: it is a new strategic approach that brings service management practices (such as ITIL) to non-IT areas. This type of management drives companies to improve their productivity, efficiency, and quality of services delivered to their customers. The main benefits of adopting it are:

Reduced delivery costs:

With service management practices and technology, such as service desk software, you can offer self-service opportunities to reduce the workload of your staff.

Higher quality services:

Enables you to deliver consistent, more responsive services to support a broader and more diverse business ecosystem.

Alignment between services and business objectives:

Adopting this approach and the right technology to implement it will give you a clearer view of your infrastructure. It also generates more specific data with which you can evaluate the performance of your teams and know how to align them with your proposed objectives.

Due to this new trend, companies like Freshworks have introduced new functionalities in their ITSM software. For this reason, Freshservice contains the “Business Team” module to unify IT teams with other teams in the company.

This way, your employees will enjoy faster and more efficient services thanks to functionalities such as:

  • Global catalog to request services in a centralized location.
  • Automated workflows where you only need to drag and drop.
  • Strict access controls to restrict information and protect confidential data.
  • Virtual agents on collaboration platforms such as Slack and MS Teams to provide instant assistance to employee queries.
  • 360-degree view of critical service metrics across the enterprise. Track agent performance to identify bottlenecks, measure employee happiness and ensure complete operational transparency.

Would you like to learn how this solution can help you keep up with ITSM trends in 2023? Contact us for a free consultation.

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