IT Team’s Productivity: Boost it to the max with these 5 tips

IT team's Productivity

IT team's ProductivityOne thing is certain: the success of any business is intimately linked to its level of productivity. This is why companies are becoming more and more focused on finding new strategies that allow them to increase the IT team’s productivity. However, many times; finding the ideal way to keep the members of the organization motivated can become a challenge.



To help you contribute to the constant progress of your business; we have brought you a series of tips that will undoubtedly allow you to boost the IT team’s productivity efficiently. Read on and learn a lot more.

What do we mean by productivity?

Productivity is a factor that measures the ability of a company or a specific area of a company to generate, increase, manufacture or improve goods and services.
In the case of IT team’s productivity, it is associated with quality, speed and efficiency in the delivery of services.

Regardless of their level of performance any type of company can always, with the right strategies; find a way to boost their productivity. If you want some idea of where to start, here are some ideas

5 tips that will allow you to maximize the IT team’s productivity

#1 Measure

Numbers are a great ally when it comes to empowering any aspect of your organization; and they can help you ask the right questions so you can start the process of improving productivity.

So start by measuring how well the IT team has performed so far; for this you can focus on key IT service functions such as application delivery, project delivery, and user support. The indicators you can use are:

  • Delivery speed
  • Quality of service
  • Ability to innovate
  • Level of user satisfaction, etc.

Once you have completed the process of data collection and analysis; you can use the results to determine those aspects you want to improve; and establish strategies aimed directly at influencing those points.

In this case the value metrics represent a great resource because they will allow you to define your goals in a more specific way in order to communicate them clearly; and offer your team a feedback that will help them understand more easily the need to create strategies to boost production.

#2 Automate operations

IT Team's productivity


The lack of technological tools or the use of obsolete solutions can seriously hinder the operations and productivity of the IT team. That is why in order to enhance their performance results; you must try to offer them a work environment in which the quality of the infrastructure and tools allow them to carry out efficient processes quickly.



The best way to achieve effectiveness is through automation of operations. With the right applications, the IT team can forget to perform repetitive tasks; to focus on processes that truly demand human capabilities such as innovation or decision-making.

#3 Invest in training

Digital transformation requires that organizations are constantly updating themselves to keep up with technological innovations. This means that for the security of your systems and to maintain the competitiveness of your business; members of the IT team must have continuous training that allows them to know and anticipate changes in the digital environment and the needs of users.

#4 Centralize service and security management


IT Team's productivityEnsure the consistency of operational controls with the centralization of service management and security. It is not a question of mixing tasks and responsibilities; but of avoiding the creation of silos within the IT department.
For this, the best thing is to promote constant communication between IT professionals; and to offer them tools that allow them to be always informed about all the processes and projects that they develop within this department.


# 5 Make remote access tools available to your team

Some businesses demand constant mobility; however this does not have to be an obstacle for the productivity of your company; as long as the IT professionals have solutions that allow them to access the organization’s systems from any place and at any time; to respond to the demands of the users immediately.

The current market offers multiple options adaptable to the needs of different types of organizations. Make sure that your tool, in addition to having excellent remote access functionalities, offers you total protection of the sensitive information of your systems, in each connection.


IT Team's productivityAs a last tip, we recommend that you include in your plan; strategies that promote the development of a collaborative environment among all members of the IT team. It is also important that as a leader you allow IT professionals to freely express their concerns, needs and new ideas in general. In this way you will be able to define solid chains of communication that guarantee mutual trust between all the parts that drive your business.



If what you want are solutions that help you improve not only the IT team’ productivity, but all areas of your company, GB advisors can provide you with high technology tools adapted to your needs. We have a team of specialists ready to advise you on any questions regarding software solutions. Contact us, we are here to serve you.



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