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transformación digital digital transformationDo you know for sure what digital transformation means, and what it implies for your company? Seen from the simplest perspective; digital transformation of companies is just the integration and use of technologies to improve their skills in the market.

However, such oversimplification is probably what has contributed the most to confusions when carrying out the digital transformation as such. The truth is, as simple as it may seem; digital transformation implies a change of paradigm that should be addressed with the help of experts.

In any case, take our experience: We assure you carrying out the digital transformation of your company is a very enriching process. It’s totally worthy. Now, we invite you to find out how to make it easier for everyone in your company.

Digital transformation: A process that projects your company towards the future

Before starting the journey towards digital transformation, it’s good to keep in mind some general aspects:

Digital transformation will eventually reach your company

Today, it is practically impossible to find companies totally adhered to traditional models, following the same patterns and structures prior to boom of the digital era.

So much so that even family-owned companies – which usually replicate legacy formulas to maintain themselves in the market; or even that little grocery store you’ve always visited to fill your cupboard; all of them have adopted at least one small digital innovation to conquer your preference as a consumer.

Among them we can name apps; digital catalogs; online stores; custom offers; shopping carts with payment facilities and other subtle adaptations that use state-of-the-art technology to make easier your life.

It impacts at all levels of the company

We generally assume that the digital transformation of companies starts and is exclusively managed from the IT Department. This is partially true: Digital transformation implies adaptations that only this department can carry out.

However, it also implies reeducation and promotion so the entire staff offers and provides coherence with the chosen technological innovations.

It involves much more than buying, installing and deploying technology

Even if you choose to adopt friendly, easy-to-install, pre-engineered solutions – like many other companies; you should keep in mind that both your company and your chosen solutions will need adjustments to deliver and take out the best of each other.

So to speak, on the one hand; your company will have to carry out awareness and training campaigns in whatever solution you choose to start the digital transformation of your company; while on the other hand, the solution must adapt its proposal to the needs of the company.

This is the only way to achieve the synergy necessary to obtain the benefit promised by digital transformation.

There are many models and formulas to adopt Digital Transformation, and the most of them could serve you

…Or not. The digital transformation responds to emergent demands and innovations of technology that most probably are just breaking through the market.

At this point; we must stop a little to understand why not all formulas and models of digital transformation adapt to all companies: They respond to certain levels of technological maturity.

For this simple reason, some interesting models adjust better for certain types of companies. And maybe your company respond better to other proposals for digital transformation.

At the end; the technological transformation also responds to opportunity and relevance that we recommend you to study with a positive mindset; always trusting that the benefit you will receive after adopting the most appropriate solution for your company will be much greater than the investment of time and effort you do to bring it on.

It helps to change the companies’ business models

Although the technological maturity is fundamental to make your way towards technological transformation; we have also witnessed that digital transformation also makes business people rethinking the internal processes of their companies. And in some cases, it has boosted change their business models.

In this sense, digital transformation drives the transformation of the company’s identity to bring it closer to process automation; costs minimization; and the maximization of efficiency in order to best profit of business opportunities.

Now that you know a little more about the general advantages that digital transformation brings for your company; let’s take a closer look at those 6 powerful tips that will help you.

6 powerful tips to boost the digital transformation of your company

1. Start with the comprehensive diagnosis of your company

Although it seems pretty obvious, it is always good to remember where it is the starting point. In our experience, we have found companies that are so fully devoted to find the right solutions for their digital transformation; that they completely forget to find out what they actually need to make it happen.

Now, the comprehensive diagnosis to welcome the digital transformation includes the evaluation of your staff’s capabilities; infrastructure; key areas for priority attention; business objectives; ideal digital transformation; economic and safety factors. Start from the very beginning and watch the whole picture first.

2. Address resistance to change

Regardless of knowing well where you are standing on regarding technological maturity; and even if you count on all the advantages to make your way through the ideal digital transformation for your company; you should always take into account resistance to change.

As we mentioned previously, the digital transformation ends up by restructuring and somehow transforming the corporate culture. This paradigm shift will always offer some kind of resistance that you need to take into account.

We want to share a secret with you: Let your IT Managers become agents of change. Allow them to offer you coherent alternatives and plans that resonate with the business synergy. Let them lead you through technological options that complement your picture and vision as business people; and lean on them to spread the message at all levels in your company.

3. Weigh the innovation factor

Whatever digital transformation you choose for your company; it must respond and be consistent with your business goals and your type of company. We mean that you must keep and preserve your brand identity beyond innovation. Remember: Digital transformation must be an added value for you and your customers.

In other words; be faithful to yourself in terms of goals and use innovation for your own benefit and your client’s. Do not sacrifice yourself just to get on the technological wave; and much less let them eclipse your identity in the pursuit of innovation.

Take advantage of the flexibility that characterizes emerging technologies to balance your proposals with innovation; and make a profit of ti.

4. Organize your budgets in order to accommodate digital integration

When we talk about organizing budgets, we refer to prioritizing and rethinking investment areas to match and take advantage of what happens outside and inside your company.

In other words, the continuity of your business nowadays depends much on the digital transformation helping you to reduce costs in time; acquisition of materials; distribution and delivery of services; etc. to compete in your market. And for that, you should detect the sensitive areas that can help you best channel your investments.

5. Get ready to increase your pace

Integrating emerging technologies is similar to driving on a super highway. In this sense; vertigo is a good word to describe the generalized sensation that managers and staff experiment after the digital transformation of your company

So, on the one hand; your new business dynamics will move faster; and on the other hand, you will deliver them to your clients at the same pace.    

So, what’s the answer? Keep pace with Cloud service providers. That is, if they can innovate, what holds you back? Organize and follow their rhythm without losing your perspective or identity. Again: Lean on your IT leaders and let them take you this way.

6. Keep always security in mind

At this point, we have talked a lot about the integration of technologies to enhance the digital transformation of companies. However, the safety factor also offers a resistance barrier that should not be underestimated.

In our experience, security is an aspect that does not fight against digital transformation, but quite the opposite: It rather complements it. However, you should look for guarantees in expert hands to guide you and help you to choose your best options in digital security.

As you can appreciate, these 6 tips are a great help when carrying out the digital transformation of your company. We invite you to use them to move on toward this enriching process in the hands of experts hands to make it easier, more profitable and more friendly for everyone in your company.

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