McAfee MVM End of Support (EOS): Get 40% off license


McAfee MVM

McAfee Vulnerability Manager (MVM) support is coming to an end and at GB Advisors; we want to invite our customers in Latin America and the Caribbean to turn the challenge of finding a replacement to McAfee MVM  into an opportunity to evolve into a more powerful solution. Purchase the license with a 40% discount and finally enjoy the advantages of having a comprehensive security solution.


Why should you look for a replacement solution to McAfee MVM?

The end of McAfee MVM support is related to the end of life of this product. As a result, it is unfeasible for any organization to continue to rely on this software to ensure the security of its systems. Hence, not migrating is not an option; as the implications of using an obsolete tool can be severe.

The consequences of the arrival of the end of McAfee MVM support for your organization are as follows:

  • Lack of technical support: You will no longer receive support in case of software failures or when the software needs to be fixed.
  • System Vulnerability increase: McAfee MVM will not be updated with the latest bug fixes or enhancements related to software performance. As a result, your system will no longer be protected against the latest virus threats.
  • Non-compliance: The use of an obsolete solution; may also imply non-compliance with legislation related to the protection of user data managed by your organization.

In conclusion, these factors turn the search for a replacement solution into a priority for your organization.

Why switch to

Tenable.ioMcAfee MVM and its Cyber Exposure Platform offer a great solution that includes, among others; the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive protection: includes an integrated security platform with multiple applications built around vulnerability detection.
  • Simple migration: Available On-demand or in the Cloud.
  • Artificial Intelligence at your disposal: provides the latest technology to analyze massive data volumes, and bring critical information to the surface.
  • Positive learning curve: Thanks to a simpler environment and the easy access to documentation.
  • Wider coverage of the threat range: allows your security team to extend the system’s security perimeter; by scanning both the network and the organization’s internal system.
  • Technical assistance: By purchasing; you will also have expert advice ready to assist you throughout the migration process as well as in the post-implementation period.
  • More efficient use of time: The system minimizes the appearance of false positives, and also prioritizes the riskiest threats thanks to its automatized system.  
  • Cutting-edge technology: is built on Nessus; one of the world’s leading providers of high-level vulnerability scanning solutions.
  • User-friendly: offers intuitive, easy-to-use navigation elements and a responsive interface for mobile devices.
  • Single license: With the acquisition of you get a solution that allows the integration of several applications, by the acquisition of a single license.

This promotion includes:

  • 40% discount on the license for clients in Latin America and the Caribbean; (on submission of the original license for the latest version of McAfee Vulnerability Manager (MVM) only).
  • An offer valid for limited time only: from 07-01-2018 to 09-30-2018. (This program is not retroactive to sales prior June 1, 2018)

The arrival of the McAfee MVM end-of-life certainly represents an excellent opportunity to create new security approaches to address the continuing transformation of digital environments. Do not let the search for an effective McAfee MVM replacement option take you up an enormous amount of time and effort. Allow become a quick, easy and successful solution to your organization.

If you want more information about this promotion or about do not hesitate to contact our team of expert advisors. We always ready to help you answer all your questions and make the best decision for your organization.

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