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automationCompanies today are waging a constant battle in which their competitiveness; depends on their ability to deliver high quality services in the shortest amount of time. This struggle has motivated organizations to adopt automation; as a way to facilitate their processes and achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently.




However, despite the obvious advantages of automation; there are still a number of businesses that continue to resist applying it to their systems. Either because they prefer to continue executing their processes in the traditional way; or because they think that automating implies making complex changes in their infrastructure. To dispel all the myths related to this topic; we decided to talk about the advantages of automation and the best way to achieve it. Read on and find out more.

Why automate?

In the context of organizations, automation is about assigning as many repetitive tasks and processes as possible to IT systems; rather than human resources.

Process automation enables IT (and its affiliated technical resources) to manage user issues without overloading or losing productivity. Automation also supports organizational efficiency by reducing costs; and ensuring an easier and more accessible process to support all technology issues.

What areas of my business can I automate?




Theoretically, it is possible to automate any task within an organization. This includes deployment of applications, management of cloud infrastructure; management of new technologies such as containers, security scans and data analytics.




Advantages of automation

Considering its scope, the automation of systems within an organization can bring countless advantages, among them we can highlight the following:

#1 Information storage facility:

Forget the cumbersome paperwork and the huge amounts of documents stored in physical files. Through automation, you will be able to keep a complete digital record of all the activities of your business; which you will be able to access in a simple way whenever you need it.

There are tools that can even offer you functionalities dedicated to data analysis through technologies such as Big Data. The metrics generated in these processes can help your team to establish more effective strategies in relation to service delivery, systems security and risk management.

#2 Opportunity for innovation:

automationBy not having to worry about performing repetitive tasks; your organization’s staff can engage in activities that are more relevant to the business; and require more humane qualities such as inventiveness and creativity.

While automatic systems take care of routine tasks; company members can concentrate on defining plans that enhance their work areas and the business in general.


#3 Performance evaluation

Through the automation that a software tool offers you; you will be able to monitor in a simple way each one of the departments of your company. In this way you will be able to determine their productivity level, their capacity to respond to new challenges and their final results.

This will allow you to establish projections in accordance with the resources that you have and the capacities of each human resource that composes your organization.

#4 Identifying and taking advantage of new business opportunities

Automate the process of collecting data from your customers and discover the best way to meet their needs through the analysis of behavioral patterns that can offer the right software solution.  

With a good CRM tool, you can meet the demands of users and enhance your customer service. In addition, with good sales software you will be able to identify those customers most likely to become leads, which will allow you to direct your marketing strategies towards the right objectives.

#5 Profitability

Thanks to automation, organizations can save the costs of hiring new personnel for simple but important tasks. In addition, by automating some essential processes you will be able to guarantee the continuity of the business even in the hours in which the human potential finishes its labors.

That is to say, even when you are sleeping, you will have the peace of mind of having a system capable of performing critical business tasks independently.

#6 Minimization of errors

automationAs human beings we are always prone to make mistakes of all kinds. Many times these failures can be insignificant, however, in other occasions they can imply important and very negative consequences for the companies. The automation achieved through a tool can accomplish the execution of high precision tasks to avoid the appearance of costs associated with inaccuracies or human inefficiencies.


#7 Comfort

Access information wherever and whenever you want, even over geographical limitations, thanks to a remote connection software solution. With this type of tools you will be able to browse your systems without having to physically contact the device you want to access.

As extra advantages of system automation we can include improved internal communication between members of the organization and enhancing the security of your computing environments through solutions that integrate automatic scanning of vulnerabilities.

I want to automate my systems. Where do I start?

The process of automating a company’s systems may seem complex at first, but actually it is not. The first thing you should do if you want to start automating tasks in your organization, is to clearly establish your objectives in order to determine which will be the ideal tool to help you carry out your goals.

Important factors to consider before starting automation:




Compatibility: The current market offers a wide variety of software solutions adapted to the possible needs of users. This means that you will have the freedom to choose among many options, the one that best suits not only the needs of your business, but also the resources available in your company.



Before starting the automation process, try to determine if your systems are really compatible with the solution you choose. Do you want it to be hosted in the cloud? Does it come with enough documentation or do you need to hire a professional? These are all important factors to consider.

ROI: There are tools whose acquisition can involve considerable expense, so ensure that your solution offers you a favorable Return on Investment.

Protection: The tool is capable of managing your data, but can it protect it well? Make sure that the option you choose guarantees the total protection of your sensitive information and that of your customers.

Finally, it is important that you seek expert advice before starting the process, as some automations may require modifications to the infrastructure of the company depending on the type of it.

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