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Freshservice vs TOPdesk

How do I choose a service desk software that meets my business needs? That’s the question hundreds of companies are asking nowadays. Although there are very good options available, the list always comes down to two predominant systems: Freshservice vs. TOPdesk.   

 These solutions, besides having similar functions, have stood out for offering an easy-to-use platform that focuses on improving customer experience and increasing IT agents’ productivity.   

 If you haven’t implemented this tool in your company, then read on! In this article, we’ll analyze in detail the features of these ITSM solutions. This way, you can save time and decide which one is better for your company.   

Freshservice vs TOPdesk: Two powerful service desk software 


This cloud solution currently serves more than 20,000 companies around the world. Freshservice was designed using the best ITIL practices to help IT professionals focus on the key points of their business: delivering exceptional services and improving agent productivity.    

Among its most important features, Freshservice offers an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Therefore, it requires no training and has several customization options.     

It also offers several communication channels, automation tools, and facilitates asset management. All in one place to improve agent workflow.     


With this tool, you will be able to streamline different business processes, such as SLA management and report creation. In addition, it allows you to receive and record calls from anywhere.      

TOPdesk also has several tools that will help you monitor the availability and workload of IT agents. This will help you increase your team’s productivity and improve your service quality.     

Comparison Criteria    

To successfully compare two or more ITSM tools objectively, you must first identify the qualities they have in common. Thus, we created this list of features that will help you evaluate the pros and cons of these service desk software:    

  • Ticket management.    
  • SLA management.   
  • Reporting and analysis.   
  • Asset management.   

Freshservice vs TOPdesk: Ticket management   


Thanks to its multichannel platform, Freshservice allows you to manage tickets in different ways. For example, agents can handle requests through emails, self-service portals, chatbots, mobile apps, and smartphones.     

With this tool, your IT team will save time managing incoming requests. Freshservice has the capacity to organize these requests automatically with the help of an AI. And it assigns them according to their impact and urgency. 

Young service desk agent with headsets and computer working at office   

Another feature that we found interesting is that this system offers the possibility to view the ticket status in real-time through its dashboard. Hence, you will be able to collaborate with several teams and know at all times, who is working on which ticket.     

In addition, with its round-robin feature, you can automatically assign tickets according to the role of each agent. This will help you balance your team’s workload and increase their productivity.     


This system offers an agile platform that facilitates customer service. TOPdesk has the option to register and process calls using a centralized platform. This will allow your agents to manage requests with just a couple of clicks and keep users informed at all times.    

 However, unlike Freshservice, this solution does not process tickets via email or chat. For that reason, if you want to use these options, you’ll have to hire an external service.  

Similarly, we noticed that TOPdesk does not offer the option to assign tickets in mass to an agent or department. This can make queue management a little difficult and increase response times.    

Freshservice vs TOPdesk: SLA Management   


Managing service level agreements is one of the most important pain points of the IT department. Fortunately, Freshservice allows you to create multiple policies to satisfy your customers’ needs.    

 When this system detects an SLA violation, it automatically notifies agents so they can start quickly handling the case. Likewise, it allows you to configure rules to simplify the ticket assignment. 

With Freshservice, you can also set tasks and deadlines according to ticket type, priority, or origin. This way, you can ensure a prompt problem resolution and meet customer expectations.  


Contract and service level management is one of TOPdesk’s strengths. With this feature, you can easily monitor the services of your customers or suppliers from anywhere. However, this feature is only available for a small group of users.   

If you have several branches or operate with a large number of employees, this limitation may affect your agents’ work. To get the most out of this functionality, you should study how it works and restrict access to the system.   

Freshservice vs TOPdesk: Reporting and Analysis    


The integrated reports of Freshservice will help you have greater visibility of your service desk. Thus, it will be easier to identify bottlenecks and create reports to monitor the number of incidents, changes, and asset management.   

When analyzing the information, Freshservice will highlight important data using an integrated visualization engine. In addition, you’ll be able to schedule notifications and send them automatically to your agents.     

Two smiling service desk agents at desk in office

With this feature, you can also generate reports to keep track of all your users’ requests. This will allow you to make informed decisions, using data from all modules of your service desk.     


When comparing both systems, we noticed that TOPdesk’s reporting capabilities are a little limited. Since this solution does not have many customization options. As a result, you have to make integrations or implement additional systems to monitor your agents’ work.    

 We searched for information on this topic in their knowledge base, but we realized that it is very scarce. Likewise, we consulted the topics in their forum, but we noticed that several users had the same problem. So, we consider that this is point they also need to improve.    

Freshservice vs TOPdesk: Asset Management   


Even when it comes to managing a company’s assets, Freshservice does a fantastic job! No matter what phase of the lifecycle the asset is in, this system monitors and accounts for it automatically. This not only reduces manual work, but also improves the management of your resources.   

 Freshservice offers an easy way to monitor asset usage. Since it can create a timeline where agents can view all events and status changes in real-time.    

This platform can also coordinate asset assignments and manage renewals. Therefore, agents will save time consulting the expiration of licenses and will be able to plan renewals.    


Asset management is an essential part of any business. That’s why we were surprised to find out that TOPdesk’s platform does not have this functionality yet.   

By not having an asset management module, TOPdesk is missing an important opportunity to bring value to its customers. We believe that developing this feature should be a priority, and hope that they will consider including it soon.  

Freshservice vs TOPdesk: Conclusion   

When it comes to improving your customers’ experience, there’s no doubt that these service desk software are a powerful ally. Both offer powerful features that make agents’ jobs easier and satisfy customers’ needs.     

Although they share many features, each has its particularities. Freshservice has a system that focuses on ticket management and data analysis. While TOPdesk allows you to process calls centrally to streamline users’ requests.    

Service desk agent talking to client

However, we noticed Freshservice has taken ticket management to the next level. Offering an agile, time-saving platform for handling user tickets. This translates into better response times, which in turn improves a company’s service delivery.   

TOPdesk, on the other hand, must include in its platform new functionalities to keep up with the competition. We believe that the success of this company will depend largely on its ability to adapt to users’ needs and incorporate new ITSM tools.   

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