E-commerce chatbots: Why they are a must for your business?

Chatbots para E-commerce

If you have an online business, E-commerce chatbots can change your whole customer support and customer experience for good, while helping you reduce costs and optimizing your agent’s productivity. 

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At this point, you may be wondering how chatbots can benefit your E-commerce that much. 

Chatbots are automated bots that interact with customers through a chat interface while providing an experience that’s similar to speaking with a customer service agent via live chat.

Thanks to the chatbots’ ability to provide on-demand responses for simple questions and doubts, they’re an effective customer service tool.

Today, customers expect that you’re there for them any time they need you. Even outside regular working hours, including weekends and holidays. 

Now, if customers expect that from businesses is because they are aware of the many options there are to provide that service, like chatbots for instance. 

E-commerce chatbotsDo you know that it is estimated that by 2025, 95% of the customers interactions will be powered by artificial intelligence?

Therefore, as an online business owner, you definitely need to start using chatbots. Need more reasons? Let’s review them.


  •  Customers prefer personalized experiences

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. By using chatbots, you can provide personalized experiences at all customer touchpoints. 

  • Popularity of messaging apps

Messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc have gained popularity amongst today’s digital customers. More than 60% of users prefer messaging apps when interacting with a business. 

 E-commerce chatbots can be deployed on these platforms, enabling you to assist your customers wherever they are. 

  • Customers don’t want to wait for assistance

Experiences that involve low effort, and offer instant gratification are the ones that customers prefer today. 

 Chatbots provide instant assistance around the clock. This way, your customers never have to wait for a resolution. 

Now that you know why chatbots are a must for your business, let us explain how they can help you improve your customer service. 

  • E-commerce chatbots help customers find what they need in less time 

E-commerce is a highly competitive industry where timing is essential. Your company needs to be able to provide the right product details when a customer is looking to make a purchase. 

Only by doing that you can ensure that you don’t lose customers to your competition.

Moreover, you might need to provide recommendations even before a customer asks for it. 

Deploying a chatbot in your online e-commerce store is the best way to ensure that you are able to offer timely assistance to your customers. 

  • E-commerce chatbots can also answer frequently asked questions. 

They learn from your knowledge base and FAQs to provide instant, and accurate answers based on customer interactions.

 This helps ensure that you are able to provide the right answers, at the right time, on the right platform. 

  • E-commerce  chatbots offer instant resolutions 

It’s common to find some issues after a purchase is made, such as payment failures, returns, or refunds. As a result, your customers need those issues attended as soon as possible. 

By using e-commerce chatbots, you can offer real-time resolutions for commonly reported issues. With automated workflows, chatbots provide instant solutions for requests related to return, refund, payment, billing, order confirmations, and shipping information. 

  • E-commerce chatbots predict purchase intent and convert service requests into new sales

Some customer service interactions open doors to a sale. For example, if a customer asks you if a product is available, or when it’s likely to be available next, there’s a high chance that the customer is looking to make a purchase. 

E-commerce chatbotsYou can make sure not to miss out on these opportunities, by building dynamic bot workflows that get triggered based on customer intent. 



This way, once the bot provides an answer to the customer’s question, it can also follow up with the option to make a purchase or add the product to the cart.

 AI-powered chatbots have the capability to detect intent and follow up with relevant conversation flows to engage and delight customers.

  • E-commerce chatbots improve team efficiency 

Providing not only quick, but helpful service to each of your customers is a top priority that you need to accomplish as a company. However, it is well known that customer support can be very demanding, causing stress in your agents. 

Chatbot ease agent workload by providing straightforward answers to frequently asked customer issues. 

Moreover, chatbots can deflect up to 60% of incoming questions. 

This way, your agents can focus their time and effort on more complex issues. 

With Freshdesk, you can build a bot – with absolutely no coding!

Use the no-code GUI builder to set up conditional flows with ease. Mapping out the conversations to equip your bot to guide your customers towards the right resolution. All that, without a live-agent intervention. 

Save time for your customers and agents by having your bot automate resolutions.

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