Freshcaller + Freshservice an integration that will solve your ITSM challenges

Freshcaller y Freshservice

Is not the first time we will be talking about integrations, and this time is Freshcaller + Freshservice turn with ITSM. 

It doesn’t matter how good or popular a product is, as a user you always need to look for the integrations that product is offering you. 

Even when we trust in technology for many things, there’s still not one product that has it all. It’s like when you buy an HDMI cable that in order to be completely functional it needs to adapt itself to both a t.v and a computer. 

It works the same for software. You can only take full advantage if it integrates with other products.

For example, phone calls still are very reliable for managing IT needs. 

But that doesn’t mean, phone calls are all that’s needed to manage employees’ internal IT needs.

The phone channel, when used in tandem with an ITSM, gives the IT team an opportunity to deliver a good experience for their company’s employees.

You need an ITSM software to take care of keeping a proper record of the service requests, software purchases, the licenses up for renewal, the plugins, and add-ons requested by specific employees and virus sanity.

Having your service desk and phone system under the same roof helps streamline communication and attend to your employee’s problems from one place.

With the Freshcaller + Freshervice integration, you will start managing requests with the support of a cloud call center software.

Both Freshcaller and Freshservice are hosted on the cloud, in consequence the additional burden of operational costs, spending on physical phones, and their maintenance is eliminated.

Freshcaller + FreshserviceFreshcaller system is packed with features to help you set up a full-fledged call center in just a few clicks. 

Customers love the ease of set up, affordability, and ability to perform complex telephonic connections across the globe. 


With Freshcaller, you can have nested Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs), call recording facilities, local and toll-free numbers, voicemail, and more.

Check how the Freshcaller + Freshservice integration will solve your ITSM challenges.

  • Understand complex issues better with a single phone call

While using ITSM solves issues that are common in software space and can be easily communicated over an email, there are instances where the thread continues indefinitely without a closure. 

The reason for too many back and forth could be the nature of the issue by itself. Perhaps the employee is unable to communicate the issue over email clearly or it’s too complex for understanding.

 Either way, this can be sorted over a single phone call, where both the employee and you can communicate with more detail and in less time.

This lets you understand that that particular issue needs a different source of expertise to solve it.

  • Be more accessible to your employees in case of urgency

Employees dealing with technical emergencies often prefer making calls to raising tickets. Even though an ITSM system can be used to streamline requests better, some situations need more than just that. 

You can’t expect an employee who has a sales call in the next 15 minutes and a computer blank-out ask a colleague to raise a request on their behalf and wait for you (the IT agent) to get back. 

Moreover, it can help you get a quick download of their issue without having to read through emails.

In addition, you will understand the urgency with the tone and voice of the employee on the call.

In conclusion, a phone call can serve as a channel of communication that best conveys the urgency and seriousness of an issue the best.

  • Prioritize responses by understanding the gravity of an employee’s problem

The biggest dilemma for a support agent is what to prioritize and which query to attend later. We are aware that support agents can make a smart decision by looking at the content of the ticket by itself. 

Freshcaller + FreshserviceHowever, this is not a scalable approach when you have hundreds of queries coming in back to back. 

Unless the IT support staff opens a ticket, reads it, and then decides. They might risk not attending the most critical ones. 


This is where a call clearly conveys an employee’s desperation in terms of tone and reinforces the priority of an issue. If they have taken the effort to call you; you can be sure that they are in desperate need of a solution. 

More benefits of adding Freshcaller to your Freshservice account

  • Bridge the gap between your employees and IT team 

 No matter where in the world, your IT agents will be just a phone call away. You can have customized numbers to make sure the right desk is easily reachable.

  • Add context 

 Your agents will be able to see complete details of the caller; and their ticket history even before they pick up a call.

Agents will be able to record calls, take down notes, and also transfer calls to a different agent.

  • Be accountable 

Agents spend time providing quick resolutions on phone calls. The extensive reporting in Freshcaller will enable you to track time and maximize productivity.

  • Route calls 

In just a few easy steps you can set up nested IVRs. To efficiently route calls to the correct group and help the right agents attend the right calls.

  • Add a dependable ticket channel 

Even if all agents are busy or are unavailable to pick call. The caller can leave a voicemail and it will be converted to a ticket in the helpdesk.

When you acquire any of the Freshworks products you will automatically obtain the integration between its tools. Providing you with the right solutions you’re looking for to take your business to another level. 

With Gb Advisors, you don’t have to worry about installing and adapting the tool to the needs of your company, because we do it for you! Thanks to this, you can ensure that the software you bought meets your expectations and gives you the best results.

Contact us for more information about our services. 

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