Customer engagement: What tools do you need to improve your numbers?

Customer EngagementTechnology has undoubtedly transformed the customer-company relationship. Thanks to the possibilities that the digital world offers, users can now jump from one place to another to find the service provider that suits them best. As a result, the battle for customer attention and preference has become tougher, forcing companies to renew their customer engagement strategies.


Regardless of the type of business, the first encounter between a prospect and an organization usually occurs somewhere on the Internet. Considering that in this context, the competition is stronger, how to put the game in our favor? Easy. Through the right tools. If you want to discover the best way to use technological advances to increase customer engagement, then you should take a look at what we have written for you. Read on and learn more.

Why a customer engagement strategy?

Today a company’s success does not depend solely on its ability to attract new prospects; rather it is also intimately linked to the ability to get customers to come back again and again.

This means that in today’s context of fierce competition and consumer volatility, building a lasting relationship with customers is vital for any organization to consolidate its brand and market position.

Among the advantages of customer engagement we find that :

Loyalty can help attract new customers

A loyal customer is a satisfied customer who has created an affective bond with your company. This type of consumer can become an ambassador for your brand that recommends your products, for example, in social networks and other media.

A loyal customer helps you improve your services

Loyal customers are almost always willing to participate in surveys that allow you to improve your services. Use this to your advantage to ask all the questions you require when measuring the level of satisfaction of your users.

Loyal Consumers Contribute to Lower Support Costs


Customer Engagement


Why would a customer who already knows exactly how your services work need to use your support service? Loyal consumers are able to develop great autonomy when purchasing a good or service with the company of their choice. So they need less assistance. As a result, support teams are less busy as the backlog of requests is reduced.


What kind of tools do you need to improve your customer loyalty strategy?

As you know, during the main phases of the purchasing process; there are decisive interactions between the company and the customer through physical and/or digital channels. A good loyalty strategy should then focus on making each of these stages offer the customer a quality experience.

In order to improve the customer experience, the company must understand the path that the customer takes throughout their interaction with it. The next step is to adapt and optimize this path according to the client’s preferences.

To achieve this you will need to make use of technological tools that help you make the necessary measurements and analysis, to create the perfect environment, that makes your prospects go exactly where you want. Let’s take a look at some essential tools for customer engagement.

#1 Web Conversion Tool


Customer Engagement


As we said, your Internet site will probably be the first point of contact between prospects and your company, so keeping it optimized is vital to attract and retain customers. To get the most out of your site you must then invest in a tool that gives you data related to the behavior of your potential consumers.



Data is important because it will help you understand how people relate to your website and how they perceive your brand. Ideally then you get a solution that allows you to know statistics, analyze heat maps; perform landing page tests and apply changes to your page. A web conversion tool is ideal in these cases.

#2 Live Chat

Prospects and customers should be able to communicate with you quickly and directly. Many of them don’t like the idea of calling very much, so they prefer to communicate through written messages. That’s why to guarantee their total satisfaction with your services; you must be able to offer them immediate attention through a Live Chat.

This type of tool will allow you to respond quickly to any request or question from a customer, in a personalized way and at any time of day. This way, you will be able to offer a positive and professional perspective of your brand.

#3 CRM

The automation of tasks must be a key point in the customer engagement strategy because it will improve workflows and will provide faster service.  In order to automate, you must use a CRM.


Customer Engagement


This type of software serves, among other things, to systematize the updating and exchange of information, help sales representatives to organize better, and align sales and marketing departments. All of these features make it an indispensable element in successfully managing your customer relationships.



Now you know, these are the indispensable solutions for a successful customer engagement strategy. To get the most out of these tools; you should ideally be able to integrate them to centralize all the information they handle. Very few offers in the market propose this option, however; there is a suite that is currently able to offer everything an organization needs to achieve satisfied and loyal customers, it is Freshworks 360.

This suite integrates, in addition to a Live-Chat, CRM and Conversion Software; a help-desk and a call center in the cloud. The perfect combination for marketing and sales teams.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about Freshworks 360 and start increasing your number of loyal customers. Contact us now. At GB Advisors we are always available to help you make the best decisions for your business.

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