Comparison table: 5 best ticketing software on the market

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In your search for a ticketing software to improve your company’s customer service, you will have already found several possibilities in the market. Now, the most important thing when choosing is to take into account the features of each one. Comparing to know if such software meets the minimum needs of your company.  

Before comparing a top 5 tools on the market, let’s see a brief description of the most important features that all ticketing software must have: 

1. Omnichannel service

An omnichannel service approach is one that allows your agents to serve customers from their preferred channels. Even if they use several channels simultaneously. Having omnichannel service software also means you can handle inbound requests and manage the work of all your customer service agents from a single location or control center.

Excellent omnichannel service ticketing software offers communication via email, social media, live chats, phone calls and self-service portals. It even often has in-person support services. Allowing the information obtained in every interaction with your customers to remain organized.  Accessible from the same central tool, with the help of the cloud.  

2. Ticket assignment options

The success of your customer service team’s work and the efficiency with which they perform their tasks is closely related to the way those tasks are distributed. An efficient ticketing software is one that offers options for ticket allocation. By categorization, priority and according to specific skills or knowledge of your agents. 

It is recommended that these options exist so that incoming tickets can be automatically distributed among your agents according to the type of problem, keywords, language used, type of customer, department and workload.  

3. Automation with AI

Automating workflows is one of the reasons why companies choose to get ticketing software. Because automating processes can save time, and expense, as well as boost the productivity of the customer service team.

IA, especially, can speed up the process of responding and serving users through bots. At the same time, it participates in the creation of intelligent automation rules such as those mentioned above. Suggesting solutions to agents, linking tickets with similar topics or categories, and answering internal questions using stored data and history.  

4. Integrations

Before choosing your ticketing software, you should take into account what kind of integrations it allows. Especially if your organization uses third-party applications to contact customers. As well as manage information or use resources and data coming from other platforms.

Rugged ticketing software offers out-of-the-box integrations with a wide range of popular business applications.  CRM systems, billing tools and e-commerce solutions such as Google Apps: Analytics, Contacts, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, Gmail and others. In addition to enabling the integration of your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp business.  

5. Performance analysis and reporting

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If a customer service tool does not offer the ability to issue performance analysis and reports, it is incomplete. It is necessary to know the progress of the agents and the efficiency and speed with which they perform each task. The reports, of course, allow the identification of the root cause of common incidents. This is a significant help in resolving such issues and improving the overall results.

A comprehensive ticketing tool allows you to generate reports to analyze the progress of your tickets. It can provide a comprehensive view of your team’s performance. It can also generate specific reports according to your needs. For example, quantify the amount of time your team spent on certain issues. Also know the level of customer satisfaction. Even which departments and which agents achieved better results.  

6. Self-service portals and knowledge bases

A global market study by Professor Steven Van Belleghem revealed that 70% of customers now expect a company’s website to include a self-service application. This is because self-service allows customers to find solutions to their problems on their own. More quickly and directly, without waiting for an agent, or explaining their situation. 

A self-service portal on your website and a knowledge base available to your customers has several benefits. Among the most important is reducing the amount of work for your agents. Not all ticketing software has this option, but it is certainly an important feature for better customer support.  

Top 5 ticketing software: Comparison table

ticketing software

ticketing software

The best ticketing software is not just the one that offers the best features. It’s the one that best suits your company’s needs. Especially through customization options and code-free configurations. So that it is easily adaptable to your organization without creating a disruption in your current service delivery. For this reason and more, Freshdesk is at the top of our list. 


Contact GB Advisors and receive complete advice on all the features of Freshdesk, and how you can integrate it into your company seamlessly, with ongoing guidance from our specialists.  



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