5 essential tips to motivate your customer service team

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One of the biggest challenges for any company is to provide efficient customer service. This is one of the most difficult areas for employees: angry customers, information handling, multiple support requests, complaints about defective products or systems, and more. A leading company should know these 5 essential tips to motivate its customer service team and generate greater satisfaction for end users without succumbing to these difficulties.   


Effective customer service team= Success

We should not underestimate the power of a customer service team. They are the backbone of every business’ success, because they are the ones who interact face-to-face with customers and potential users.   

78% of customers abandon a purchase due to a poor service experience (Glance). On the other hand, nearly 90% of consumers trust a company whose service they have rated as “very good” (Qualtrics XM Institute). In addition, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent service. (HubSpot research). 

The statistics are clear. Having an effective customer service team can bring extraordinary benefits. So motivating your employees is an imminent necessity. With a focus on ensuring higher productivity and an exponential increase in leads. Reducing losses and better managing your company’s financial resources.  

However, keeping employees motivated is no easy task. Let’s explore these 5 tips that can help your company increase the satisfaction of your customer service team:

#1 Provide effective training

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Yes, it all starts with training. According to a survey conducted by Talentlms, 78% of remote employees want to receive training from their employers.   

Remote work involves many, many tests, such as learning to use one or more software applications, managing data, cybersecurity regulations, and dealing with communication systems. However, additionally your customer service team has to be prepared to deal with the particular demands of customers.  

If they receive effective training in handling their work systems, in addition to knowing strategies for interacting with customers, your employees will gain self-confidence and become more assertive in difficult situations.  

By giving them tools that will allow them to be more productive. At the same time, they will be able to integrate with the rest of their colleagues in the vision and mission of your company.


#2 Delegate responsibilities

Even if your customer service team is exceptional, not every employee knows all the answers. Finding yourself in an environment of impossibility can create a great deal of stress. 

41% of remote workers said stress made them less productive. Also, 15% admitted to looking for a new job due to stress (According to Coloniallife, 2019). Additionally, the tendency to constantly multitask can lead to major problems such as Directed Attention fatigue or DAF. Which is not good for sustaining healthy interactions with customers. 

Your team needs to have tools that simplify communication. Allowing you to delegate tasks and relieve workload stress. Sharing problems and receiving immediate help from other responsible departments. Managing a workflow where no employee has more support queries than they can handle will go a long way toward motivating them.

Through tools like Freshchat it is possible to automatically assign support tickets to agents based on their workload and skills. Generating more accurate solutions by delegating responsibilities to other specialized departments.  


#3 Listen to your employees’ opinions

Many companies collect customer satisfaction data. However, a very low percentage actually use that data to improve service.  

In addition to receiving outside recommendations, you should know that your employees are likely to know firsthand what the biggest obstacles they face are, because they are at the forefront of customer communication. They are also likely to have excellent ideas or opinions to help you solve these problems.  

Feedback is a powerful tool for gaining insight into your customer service team. In order to exploit their knowledge and chart the way to a better service. It will allow you to learn new alternatives and solutions for your company. In addition, listening to your employees will generate job satisfaction and a sense of commitment. 


#4 Provide updated information

customer serviceAccording to ThinkJar research 84% of consumers are frustrated when the customer service agent does not have adequate information to respond to their needs.

Your team must be supported by a standardized process and communication strategies to respond effectively. Without proper guidelines, your team can sometimes feel clueless. Which often leads to increased stress, causes misunderstandings, and leads to mistakes when dealing with customers.

Align a workflow strategy that allows your employees to understand and access the information customers may need at every stage. Retaining relevant data, records of the interaction process, the customer journey map and their request history.  

The use of service catalogs and quick response formats is also recommended. In addition to the implementation of chatbots with artificial intelligence. The more accurate and fluid each workflow is, the better the overall customer journey will be. So also the employees will have stability and firmness in their answers and solutions. 


#5 Empower your employees with technology tools

Empowering employees through technology tools can help increase their performance and productivity. Not only will employees be more effective, but they will also feel greater job satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, it is a way to motivate their autonomy and self-sufficiency. Which will allow your company to benefit from their creativity and innovative ideas. 

With Freshchat workflow software, it is possible to empower employees with more confidence. Contact with a complete technological tool, specially designed for the customer service area. A secure platform to interact and manage your customers’ information and requests transparently.  

Some of the most important features of Freshchatare:

  • Live Chats: Your employees can use the live chat software to initiate conversations with first-time visitors to your website, interact with returning customers and support your existing users.  
  • Chatbots: The use of chatbots can help automate interactions and provide instant accessibility across sales, marketing and customer service functions. On the other hand, chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) can learn from the user’s behavior. Also, from the agent’s previous interactions. 
  • Multiple channels: Your customer service employees can manage and respond to conversations from a single workspace. Regardless of the channel: WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook, LINE, website, mobile app, etc.  
  • IntelliAssign: Makes it possible for support requests to be automatically assigned to members of a group based on their skill levels and workload.  


Your customer service team will always need the support of the right tools and technologies to work effectively, so at GB-Advisors we want to help you learn about tools like Freshchat and their benefits for your company..

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