To provide this essential service, insurance companies must be able to adapt quickly to new information technologies. This is why integrating IT services in companies is important to optimize the operation and success of an organization in an increasingly digitized world. In addition, if we want to ensure the efficient management of these IT assets, it is important to integrate ITSM software for insurance companies, one of the most important tools for improving the use of technology.

In this article, we will talk about the advantages of acquiring ITSM software for insurance companies. So read to the end, because we will offer you the best solution in IT service management!

1- A service desk helps automate and streamline routine tasks

This is especially important in an industry like insurance, where there are many repetitive tasks in the claims process.

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Haven’t you ever spent time on routine tasks? In business, time is money. That’s why ITSM software for insurance companies allows companies to optimize the use of time, the most valuable resource!

By automating these tasks, helpdesks can help improve efficiency and accuracy, while freeing up staff to focus on more complex tasks.

2- Improve customer service

ITSM software for insurers makes it easier for insurers to provide more timely and efficient customer service. And how does this happen? Because they provide a place to centralize information! There, customers can submit inquiries and track the status of their claims.

In addition, support services can help reduce the number of calls to the contact center. This happens because self-service options are offered for common tasks such as checking claim status or submitting documents.

3- ITSM Software facilitates data and analytics to support decision-making

Helpdesks can generate a large amount of data. This data can be about the status of certain areas of the company, activities, or customers.

They are also very useful and can be used to support decision-making. Resolutions must be supported in areas such as product development, pricing, and fraud detection.  Otherwise, carrying out plans or projects with too little information at hand can result in serious losses for the company.

In addition, help desks allow insurers to track key performance indicators (KPIs). Then, with that information, they can make comparisons of their results with those of the competition.

4- Improve risk management

Using ITSM software is a great way for insurers to help minimize their losses. The more efficient and effective your company is at managing claims, the less money it will spend on investigating them over the next few years.

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The use of these programs has proven to be effective in reducing the potential risk faced by an insurer. As a result, companies can stay afloat for longer and deal with any claims more easily.

A service desk enables insurers to comply with the insurance companies’ own regulations. This happens because it provides features such as audit trails and data encryption. In addition to better tracking of tasks and a comprehensive view of the business organization.

5- Don’t let your insurance company waste time and money

By automating routine tasks, helpdesks can help reduce the need for manual processing, resulting in cost and time savings.

ITSM software solutions for insurers offer self-service options. This means they reduce the number of calls to your contact center. In the long run, it means significant money savings.

Achieve all this with the best ITSM software on the market

We bring you this list of advantages because we know, firsthand, that they can be achieved if you have the right tool.

For this reason, GB Advisors recommends the use of Freshservice, the ITSM service desk operated in the cloud that allows you to:

  • Automate routine processes.
  • Analyze risks that possible changes can bring to your company.
  • Get better visibility of all your company’s assets.
  • Efficient ticketing system to manage incidents.
  • SLA management.

Finally, this software will make sure your insurance company runs smoothly and efficiently. Don’t wait any longer, get started with Freshservice today!

Interested in learning more about this ITSM solution? Contact us and let us help you improve your insurance company’s services.


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