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Do you have all the digital security tools your company needs?

A few days ago, Everis, one of the largest IT firms in Spain, was the victim of a ransomware attack that forced it to shut down all its computer systems. In addition to Everis, other major companies in Spain were also attacked. Among these was SER, one of the most important radio stations in Spain. 

To achieve their objectives, the attackers exploited BlueKeep RDP, a Windows vulnerability that Microsoft had resolved in May of this year. 

Apparently, these companies were careless and did not apply the corrective patch for their systems in time. Which left a door wide open to hackers to launch their attack. 

What do you think of this news? Sounds pretty worrying, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, security breaches have become a daily occurrence. The worst part is that these types of cases keep showing us that cybercriminals never rest. 

On the contrary, they are always on the lookout for a flaw; a weak point that allows them to make a profit by illegally accessing a corporate system. 

Thanks to this, comprehensive protection is more necessary than ever. Underestimating the importance of a robust cybersecurity strategy is a mistake that can cost organizations dearly. 

Do you count on the right measures and tools to protect your systems from end to end? Find out here about the 5 types of digital security tools every company should have. 

Discover which ones your systems already have and which others you should immediately implement in your systems. 

Why have digital security tools in the company? 

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If the previous story is not enough reason to make clear the importance of having advanced digital security tools within the company, here are some key factors that may convince you: 

  • According to a study by Cisco, cybercrime is relatively much more profitable than all the combined operations of drug trafficking in the world.
  • A Netscout research found that hacking into an unprotected IOT device only takes 5 minutes. 
  • In the Dark Web, you can get professional hacking tools of all kinds. These tools are increasingly sophisticated, which enhances the effectiveness of attacks by cybercriminals. 
  • For a large number of companies, it takes at least 6 months to detect a security breach. 
  • According to IBM, only 38% of companies worldwide have declared to be equipped to respond effectively to large-scale cyber attacks. 

Alarming, isn’t it? The good news is that the good guys are also working hard to create strategies and solutions to reduce and eventually eliminate the full impact of digital threats. 

As a result, companies, by implementing the right tools, can get a complete picture of their attack surfaces and thus ensure the protection of their digital assets. 

5 Types of Digital Security Tools Every Company Should Have 

#1 State-of-the-art firewall

Although some may consider them obsolete or not very important, the reality is that firewalls are indispensable digital security tools for blocking threats. 

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It is true that older firewalls have very simple structures, as a consequence, there are only two options to open or close their traffic flow. This meant that in most cases, this type of protection was only effective for the simplest threats.  

However, despite the fact that cybercriminals have developed techniques capable of circumventing these old firewalls without problems, today there are some more advanced versions capable of classifying files according to many parameters. 

This type of tool inspects web traffic, identifies users, blocks unauthorized access, and even protects against next-generation viruses. 

#2 Antivirus software

Any computer or device that connects to the network, whether personal or corporate, must have an antivirus. Why? Because these digital security tools are essential when detecting infections by malware or other malicious elements. 

In addition to this, today’s antivirus software provides useful protection measures, such as quarantine and removal of potential threats. There are different anti-virus software with functionalities and licenses that adapt to the needs of the user, or in this case the company. 

Attention! Be careful with entrusting your systems to free software. This type of solution often lacks the necessary updates to keep up with the latest threats. Ideally, you should consider purchasing a paid tool. 

#3 Remote monitoring software 

 A remote monitoring tool gives the IT team the opportunity to remotely monitor, diagnose and collect information from all applications and hardware at different points on the network.  

All this information allows administrators to easily resolve any incident that occurs, regardless of time or location. This way, they can keep the network and workstations in top condition.

#4 Proxy 

 A proxy is a tool that serves as an intermediary between the browser and the Internet. One of its greatest advantages is that it allows filtering rules to be applied according to the company’s IT security policy. 

This means that through it you will be able to block websites that you consider dangerous or forbidden within the workspace. Also, through a Proxy is possible to create an authentication system to limit access to the external network, allowing you to keep records about pages, number of visits, etc.. 

#5 Vulnerability scanner

This is also one of the must-have digital security tools you need in your company. The vulnerability scanner is the software in charge of detecting, evaluating and managing any weak points in the system. 

Fingerprint - Cybersecurity tool

With this type of tool, you can identify and prioritize vulnerabilities to eliminate them and reduce your attack surfaces. This type of solution can be used for both internal system scans and web applications. 

These are some of the indispensable solutions for any business. Remember, for your security strategy to truly work; you must combine these solutions with strategies that also take into account the human factor.  

Don’t hesitate then to make the members of your company play an active role in the task of protecting the systems. Keep threats at bay and carry out your processes with complete peace of mind with the help of the right solutions. 

Don’t know where to find them? Contact us. At GB Advisors we have the best digital security tools on the market and a team of professionals capable of assisting you to help you make the best decisions for your business. 

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