5 signs that indicate you need to replace your ITSM tool

Replace your ITSM tool

Have you ever felt that you could further optimize your IT department if you just opted to replace your ITSM tool?

Replace your ITSM tool



Evolving is something that is part of any successful business. In fact, making the organization grow must be one of the fundamental objectives of all great managers. 




 However, many times, even if we find the perfect opportunity to make the company progress, we may face the challenge of having tools unable to help us meet our new objectives. 

 In the case of ITSM, the story is the same. Using an obsolete or inadequate IT Service Management solution can have a big impact on business performance. 

 So how do you avoid your tools, which are supposed to make your job easier, becoming an obstacle that slows your path to progress? 

 So easy, detecting in time the signs that indicate that you need a new solution. Although sometimes it is difficult to see them; there are some signs that may be telling you that you need to replace your ITSM tool.  Read on and learn how to recognize them.

 5 Signs that indicate you need to replace your ITSM tool 

#1 The tool lacks proper usability

A good ITSM solution should be able to offer users a friendly, simple and practical interface. The tool should have sophisticated functionalities to help them save time in performing simple tasks; but in no way should this level of sophistication be an impediment to providing good usability. 

On the contrary, the software must be designed in such a way that it represents support; and not an obstacle for the personnel who use it. You need to replace your ITSM tool if: 

  • Your software duplicates the information it handles.
  • Users have to rely on other applications to complete the job because the ITSM tool does not provide all the functionality it should. 
  • You find it difficult to adapt the tool to the company’s processes
  • It’s hard to access data or other important information. 
  • Departments complain because they don’t have access to well-structured reports. 
  • After a while, there are still functions they don’t know how to use. 

#2 The solution does not evolve fast enough to respond to the business needs or problems


Solving Problem - Change ITSM toolPerhaps you and your team have set objectives that require a rethinking of the organization and the current processes you manage. For this transformation, you may need to migrate systems to the cloud, automate tasks, offer new services or products to your customers; or provide greater efficiency to employees by allowing them to stay connected wherever they are. 


Considering this scenario, are you sure that your solution can help you get everything you are looking for? Or does adapting it to this new vision represent a challenge for your company? If the answer to the second question is yes, this is definitely another sign that you need to replace your ITSM tool. 

#3 Provider is unreliable 

 Have you needed help from the provider to configure or fix a bug in your tool, and they didn’t give you the support you needed? Having a good supplier is essential when it comes to making the most of the potential of a solution.

If yours does not respond in time or is not able to help you solve problems or concerns related to your software; then he does not suit you. The company you decide to buy the solution from must be able to provide you with a level of service that meets your expectations before, during and after the purchase process. Don’t settle for less. 

#4 Your tool does not adapt to new regulations or standards processes such as ITIL. 

As we have said before, technological progress and digital transformation have constantly changed the rules of the game for companies. That’s why it’s vital that the software you choose has the ability to adapt to new regulations if necessary. 

Another important thing, your tool should also be able to offer you the opportunity to implement all the ITIL processes or any other set of ITSM best practices you wish to adopt. If this is not the case, you’re looking at another sign that you need to replace your ITSM tool. 

#5 Licensing and maintenance costs are too high 

Is the amount of money you use to maintain and update your ITSM solution much higher than the benefits you get from it? If the answer is yes, you’re facing a terrible investment. 

Paperwork - Replace your ITSM tool



One of the main advantages that ITSM software must offer you is the possibility of obtaining a good ROI. It’s not worth buying or maintaining any product that doesn’t offer you real profits. 



Today there are excellent ITSM tools capable of offering you different plans so that you can choose the license that best suits your needs and budget. So don’t hesitate to explore other options. You will surely find the ideal solution for your business. 

What do you think? Have you determined if you need to replace your ITSM tool? If you still have doubts; ask for the opinion of your team members. Ask them what their current level of satisfaction is with the ITSM software and if they would be willing to try another alternative. 

Remember, the ability to innovate to progress depends largely on having the right technology. If you are looking to replace your ITSM tool and don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to contact us

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