Unified Security Management: Protect your company with Alien Vault

Unified Security Management
Unified Security Management
Keeping track of your company’s digital security is an important task in the times we live in. However, it’s an arduous and difficult task to perform when we do not have the right tools. This is due to the number of platforms or tools that companies use today to work.
Messaging services, emails and private applications make keeping track of everything complicated. It’s at this point that Unified Security Management systems become relevant: Alien Vault.

What does Unified Security Management (USM) mean?

USM are systems in which one single software provides many security functions. Thus, protecting our company’s systems becomes easier than when using several programs at once. Unified Security Management not only protects your company; it also simplifies security functions, unifying them in a single and simple interface.
The popularity of USM has been increasing in recent years because of how helpful they are. Besides multiplying the levels of security, it is much more economic. With USM providing security solutions, it’s the perfect way to shield your business. We are talking about the most sought system for small and medium enterprises.

Advantages of the Unified Security Management systems

Threat Monitoring

There are many advantages to this kind of Integrated Digital Security Management systems. The first one is the fact that it centralizes security by making it easier to check threats:

Individual administrators

This kind of system’s monitoring is done by a single administrator. As a result, this person can control everything, from antivirus scans to intrusion alerts. All this from the hand of a 100% friendly and easy to understand interface, so that the work is simple.

Vulnerability Assessment

However, it’s not only about threat monitoring. Alien Vault systems offer optimal and accurate report generation that evolves with each of the attacks. Thus, you will be able to maintain constant control of company security violations. As a result, the prevention of leaks becomes more efficient with each new update of our services.

Behavior monitoring

One of the most striking advantages of USM is its monitoring of network behavior. It records the common behaviors of each system and assesses changes in them. In other words, this detects threats before they occur.

SIEM software and Unified Security Management



Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an incredibly useful tool. It’s used not only for safeguarding businesses of all sizes and IT systems; it detects and alerts users to potential threats. SIEM software is very beneficial to your business because it collects and aggregates log data.



This data generates throughout the entire technological infrastructure of an organization. As a consequence, companies can achieve security strategies that go from Host systems to networks; to security devices, firewalls, and antivirus filters, etc. 


SIEM software can dramatically reduce the impact of a security breach on your business. If your IT staff and SIEM software work together, it can reduce not only the financial cost of a breach; but the amount of damage caused to your business and any IT systems in place.

Catching a breach or detecting a security event before it happens could also prevent all damage. While SIEM software is not a new concept, it remains one of the best ways to protect your business.

Alien Vault

Unified Security Management provides affordable systems to protect businesses. It’s about providing security functions that ensure the assets of companies. Above all, it has the best value, a simple interface, and updated systems. Powered by proprietary protocols of continuous intelligence against Security Threats.
One of the main benefits of these software lies in all the capabilities it contains. Alien Vault provides threat intelligence information and traditional log data in one package. Analyzing network behavior to provide intelligence about malicious software breaches.
Innovation in the SIEM market is moving at an exciting pace. To create a better threat detection tool, suppliers are introducing several mechanisms. Machine learning, advanced statistical analysis, and other analytical methods are at a vanguard.

Kill-chain technology

Alien Vault provides more accurate detection via Unified Security Management. Through a Real-Time Threat Intelligence system, Alien Vault uses kill-chain taxonomies. As a result, this software can identify attackers, methods, intentions, and victims.
The way in which kill-chain systems work is by a series of steps that trace the stages of a cyberattack from its recognition to the ex-filtration of data. As a result, these Kill-chains help organizations understand and fight malware, security breaches and advanced persistent attacks (APT).
Between the stages, in the kill-chain, we start by the recognition phase; that is the beginning of the attack. Using lateral movement, the chain moves through the network to get more data.
If you want to receive more information about this tool, do not hesitate to contact us. At GB Advisors we offer the best in the market, and we have for you a team of professionals willing to give you the advice you need on your way to a more efficient IT environment.
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