Nessus Pro vs. vs. Which vulnerability management solution should you choose?

vulnerability management solution

As time goes by, cyber-criminals are looking for new ways to get hold of companies’ most valuable information. It’s a mistake to believe them incapable of looking for more innovative ways to damage your most sensitive assets. A vulnerability management solution can help you protect them. You see, hackers are individuals with a deep knowledge...

Predictive prioritization: How to better manage vulnerabilities

Priorización de vulnerabilidades

  Vulnerability management is becoming increasingly complex. According to Luis Isselin, the general director of Tenable Mexico, a new vulnerability appears every hour. This means that traditional strategies to identify risks do not keep up with cyber threats. For this reason, predictive prioritization is increasingly essential.   This approach consists of re-prioritizing vulnerabilities based...

Industrial networks: The best approach to counter threats

The arrival of industry 4.0 has brought great advances for production processes. With automation and artificial intelligence, both common factories and critical infrastructures can optimize their productivity and ensure cost reduction. However, the new revolution in the secondary sector brings with it a challenge: security breaches in industrial networks.   These vulnerabilities in industrial...

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