Pentesting: How can a Black Box, Gray Box, and White Box security techniques can help you?

Did you know that 70% of existing websites are vulnerable to hacking? Do you know about Gray Box, White Box, or Black Box?

If this information is of concern to your company, stay with us to tell you about the various methods of scanning and testing for vulnerabilities for the computer system!

You can never be totally sure how robust each part of your company’s computer system can be, as hackers constantly improve their abilities to penetrate their digital environments. 

Your company may not be as big as Google, YouTube, or Amazon, but regardless of the size of it, medium or small.

One of the most important aspects that you should consider and never disregard is the protection of digital data.

The constant surveillance, and strengthening the security of your company. 

Having the guarantee of the correct and full operation of your system:

Its necessary security and protection will save you headaches, bad times, and a lot of money. 

In addition, understanding that the image of your business is related to the ability to obtain potential clients.

Also, related to the business position intrinsically depend on the external and internal computing environment, in an increasingly digitally competitive world. 

What are the most frequent attacks on the Cybersecurity of your business?


The task of a hacker is to detect the errors within your system and any vulnerable cracks within it that serve to penetrate it. 

Once there, and of course, depending on the previous information you have (data, access codes), you will be able to exceed certain security levels.

The more information you have in your hands, the more power you will have.

Because this will allow you to access increasingly sensitive, confidential, and relevant data. 

Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injection are the most common vulnerabilities or “digital cracks” among hackers. 

Cross Site Scripting or XSS 

As for Cross Site Scripting or also called command execution in cross sites, it is the most common. In this case, the values of a web application can be modified in order to steal cookies and user identities. 

It can also happen that a highly harmful HTML code is inserted, which would simulate being part of the web. The user viewing it could be tricked and click on it. 

In such a way, the hacker can perform his feat using programming languages such as JavaScript or HTML. 

In fact, we emphasize this type of attack is based on the trusted image that your website generates.

For example, who could think that when you go to Google to do a search, you click on a website and it is actually a fake to steal information? 

SQL Injection 

Now, regarding SQL Injection we can say that it is one of the most effective cyberattack methods of 2020. 

It is one of the most used tools to extract access codes within your system since it implies “injecting” a malicious code into the company’s database. 

The “injection” is entered in a field of a specific form within a web application.

Something as simple as a form that you fill out so that they send you the password you need to your email. 

With this method, you can also very easily access the data.

This data is related to the maintenance of a web page, user information, destruction of form fields, or the entire database. 

With all this, we do not expect your hair to stand on end.

But we do want to warn you of what can happen if you have poor Vulnerability Management in your computer system. 

Do you know what you can “dress up” as a hacker to find out how vulnerable your system is? 

Yes, just as you read it, not literally but you can do it.

A great way to examine code flaws, system vulnerabilities, whether the database is protected.

And, whether the forms do not contain any malicious code, is to play the role of a hacker. 

In other words, you will use Ethical Hacking.

This implies that a computer specialist authorized institutionally and legally by the company will be able to carry out the intrusions to the system to do Vulnerability Management. 

If you do not have extensive computer knowledge, you can rely on a team of specialists who have the required skills to do the job. 

What must be done is a Pentesting to try to enter the system.

Consequently, it can be done with a lot, little, or no information. In such a way that the behavior of the networks can be observed in three possible scenarios. 

The most effective ways to perform the Pen Test are through a Black Box, Gray Box, and a White Box. Which we will explain below. 

What is the Black Box, Gray Box, White Box testing, how are they different, and when to perform them? 

Regardless of the type of Box that you want to do.

It is important to consider that it is a simulated and authorized attack that is carried out on the computer system in order to identify vulnerabilities. 

It also highlights a hacker’s ability to hack and tests the effectiveness of existing tools to detect intrusion. 

  • Black Box 

Its name is related to the amount of information that is possessed at the time of making the intrusion.

In this case, there is none and we can infer that it is the first time that the hacker will enter the website. 

The intruder does not know the internal structure of the system, neither the source codes nor the associated devices.

Much less is it related to the digital environment in front of him.

So he will try to get to know it first and then can enter. 

Now, it is important that you know that not having that information, does not mean that you are safe.

Since the fundamental thing is not to know deep topics such as the source code but to know first-hand the interaction between the platform and the user, testing how works. 

The test is carried out from the user’s point of view to know and verify the responses of the system to the user’s requests.

Other disadvantages and advantages

In this way, unexpected results or errors such as diversion to other pages or unknown links are exposed. 

One of the benefits of using the Black Box is that it evaluates the risks and the type of information that the attacker could obtain without high programming knowledge. 

On the other hand, as it is about the interaction of the user with the platform, it is not getting in touch with all aspects, even the most technical aspects of the system, nor the deepest ones.

More about Black Box

Therefore, a very limited spectrum will be evaluated.

Therefore, we recommend that the Black Box run on a small scale of software since, on the contrary, it could be insufficient and inefficient. 

Another key point to take into account is that if the hacker cannot enter the system, it does not mean that he has not succeeded in his feat.

Also, the method requires clear specifications so that it can be effective in designing real cases of intrusion. 

The Black Box must be done in the following cases:

Software updates; general tests to the functionality of the system; interface tests, especially in interaction with the user. 

  • White Box 

His testing method focuses on analyzing the internal structure of the software and the logic behind it. Many times, this method is also called “Structural Testing”. 

Unlike the others, this method requires a solid and high knowledge of code and the software to be tested.

As well, having access to all source codes and documents.

One downside of the White Box is a large amount of time it consumes. 

It is worth mentioning that in this scenario, the person who will act as the hacker will work together with the company’s technical team, in order to collect as much information as possible. 

So, he has access to everything he needs to detect every flaw and vulnerability. 

This person must have the experience and expertise to be able to use the White Box.

Since he will be required to handle knowledge and advanced tools that range from code analysis to fault treatment. 

Certainly, this method is very accurate, because it can reveal hidden errors.

Definitely, you can go deep into the source code.

It also allows the traceability of each test that is done at the code level. 

White Box Limitations

However, it is highly demanding in time, techniques, skills, information, and knowledge; consequently, highly trained people must be hired. 

Despite having broader access, the disadvantage also lies in being constantly on the hunt for new hacking techniques that could affect any part of the system. 

In another area, this method applies when the company wants to be able to detect the smallest fault within the computer system. 

Another disadvantage is the test results are also strictly tied to the way the code has been written. Changing the code linked to the same functionality can lead to failures in the test itself or with false positives. 

  • Gray Box 

It consists of entering the system with a little information about the company, and you have data about your system. Also known as “Translucent Test”. 

This method allows increasing the access coverage, concentrating on the different layers of the software so that it goes deeper than the Black Box. Similarly, you can do a domain analysis. 

It verifies the functionality of the interface; it is introduced into the internal structure up to the software code.

Due to this, it is necessary that the person who executes it knows at least partially the structure of the system. 

The Gray Box allows it to be executed within the code and will provide valuable information about the behavior of the same.

Additionally, it will be able to simulate a cyber-attack more real and exact, as well as analyze data types, communication protocols, and exceptions. 

This method also unifies the features of White Box and Black Box.

The person who executes it will be able to see those details related to the specific components of the system and their functionality. 

Generally, you can access design documents, diagrams, and anything else related to the way the system works internally or about a component. 

Gray Box it is highly effective when it comes to web applications because you can study and have an internal understanding of the applications.

Subsequently, it will generate as many numbers of cases as aspects of it. Finally, you will do a physical qualities test. 

That is why it is the most suitable for analyzing any aspect of the web application that you want.

It will be able to show you the vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. 

Knowing deeper Gray Box

However, some of the limitations are concentrated in the fact that the hacker may not have information

…And may have to be forced to go through the authentication stage, which generates more vulnerability. 

In this sense, there is an efficient tool that can help you perform the scan you need, called Acunetix. 

It is a scanner for web applications and your network.

In charge of locating each and every one of the vulnerabilities automatically.

Of course, and not least: Fix the faults after being located, and thus you can save money and time. 

In another vein, you can run the Gray Box when you have identified that a specific part of the system has a critical problem. Likewise, after an interface update, it is recommended.

What is the most reliable tool for your company? 

We previously talked about the different characteristics of each scanning and analysis method, along with their respective disadvantages.

And it is true that you require skilled manpower with the technical, theoretical, and practical knowledge to execute any of the three methods. 

Something you should consider is that one issue is about executing the different types of Box, that is, the respective Pentesting, and another about a web scan.  

This does not replace the tests, but it is a useful, effective, fast, and complementary tool to the tasks assigned to the company hacker. 

The main thing is to have a photograph of your system.

That is, a clear overview of the current situation, and therefore a scan will help you. 

You can rely on Acunetix

Likewise, you require that software can do the job due to monitoring, detection, and analysis properly, but above all, automatically.

This is why we want to talk to you about Acunetix. 

This program guarantees you to locate any type of vulnerability.

Therefore, scan your networks, and the web applications you use, doing it automatically, without investing so many hours in manual work. 

Another good thing it has is its versatility and its high ability to be intuitive when executing. It can monitor what you want and also suggest what to look for. 

It is excellent at detecting vulnerabilities such as Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injection, being the most implemented by malicious hackers. 

At the technological level, it is the most advanced tool, since it can be perfectly executed with high-demand applications such as JavaScript and HTML5.

As well as SOAP, XML, AJAX, REST, and others. 

Additionally, it presents you with help with your Content Management tools, such as WordPress

So, the software will cover and attack the vulnerabilities found on that site due to the high degree of expertise that Acunetix has in this specific area. 

Finally, remembering a bit what we discussed in White Box about the creation of false positives if the execution is incorrect, Acunetix offers you a solution to that problem. 

Worldwide, this program is known for having the lowest false positive rate in the entire industry, providing 100% accuracy in Cross Site Scripting. 

We can help you 

Certainly, if you own a vehicle, and there is a fault, you can fix it yourself, but most likely with unsuccessful results.

The same happens in the digital field, this being even more delicate. 

That is why you require the help of specialists. Doing a Gray, White or Black Box is not easy,

Who can provide you both the advice and the precise tools at the time of solving any cybernetic flaw or vulnerability of your company. 

Our specialized team of GB Advisors will be more than happy to attend to your request.

GB Advisors offer you personalized advice and the licensed tools that your company requires. 

Our clients and allies endorse us as one of the most prestigious growing companies for showing quality, trust, and adaptability for any type of budget.

Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us today! 


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