Nessus Professional 8.0 and New updates, increased security

Nessus Professional

Nessus ProfessionalOctober left excellent news on digital security, and we want to share them with you. At GB Advisors, we are excited to announce that new updates of the market-leading solutions; and Nessus Professional 8.0, are already available in October. So read on and join us for a look at the new features and enhancements brought to us by these high-level vulnerability scanners.



The Tenable Warranty


For many years Tenable, the Cyber Exposure company has focused great efforts on creating effective solutions; that ensure the total protection of digital assets of organizations of all sizes. Due to the quality of its products and its commitment to constant improvement, the Tenable brand has been able to position itself among users as one of the preferred and most effective for the detection of vulnerabilities in computer systems.


Aware of the magnitude of the changes brought by the digital transformation, especially in the area of cybersecurity; this company has spared no effort in offering its users cutting-edge solutions that allow them to be one step ahead of even the most sophisticated threats of the information age. This time, it promises to surprise us with updates to some of its products including some of its flagship solutions, Nessus Professional. Let’s see what the improvements are.

Nessus Professional: What’s new in Nessus v8?


Nessus Professional


Nessus 8.0 is the latest update of one of the most widely used vulnerability scanners around the world. This new version introduces features designed to help companies’ security teams identify vulnerabilities and threats more quickly. These features include:



  • Live Results

Thanks to this function, Nessus Professional 8.0 will be able to perform automatic evaluations of the system even without having to be connected to the network. This type of analysis can be executed in real time and even more will be able to determine the vulnerable points of any computer ecosystem through inference based on the analysis history of the system. This new feature represents a great advantage for users as it will exponentially improve the speed of threat detection and resolution of security problems.

  • Vulnerability Snoozing/Inboxing

If one thing is true, it is that not all the exploits that are detected in the system have the same degree of priority. This is why, in order to avoid the information overload that the appearance of multiple simultaneous alerts can bring; Nessus 8 introduces a new function that will allow users to “snooze” those vulnerabilities of lower relevance in order to focus on those that represent higher impact threats. Those “snoozed” problems can be scheduled to reappear later when the security team is ready to pay attention.

  • Vulnerability Grouping

In this new update, Nessus Professional 8 will also include a “clustered view” of those vulnerabilities that are related to each other. In this way, users will be able to classify threats by groups to determine their source more quickly and easily. What improvements does this vulnerability scanner bring?


Nessus Professional is one of the most recent releases of the Cyber Exposure company and; due to its effective performance, this solution has already won the preference of users. In this new version we will find:





  • New interface

Previous versions of this tool already had a highly usable interface appreciated by users. However, in its quest for continuous improvement, Tenable has decided to offer in this new update; some improvements in the interface of to enhance accessibility and navigation.

  • New Plugin for JIRA

Good news also for JIRA users. The new update also includes a customizable plugin for JIRA for vulnerability classifications. Through this resource, users will be able to create a connection between Tenable and JIRA to automatically track vulnerabilities; resolve problems in real time, and receive instant notifications of mitigated threats.

Want more information about what’s new in Nessus Professional 8.0 and Contact us and receive free quality advice related to the best digital security solutions on the market. At GB Advisors our goal is to always offer you the best service through quality attention and high technology tools.


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