5 Reasons why almost all Companies are Failing in Corporate Security

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Why Companies are failing in Corporate Security?, here we expose 5 of the most common reasons

companies failing corporate securityWhen Corporate Security evolved from simply controlling access by relying on technical means to get involved in almost every aspect of business, it has been facing more subtle and specialized forms of attacks against the company’s assets. Thus, the need to redefine and restructure both, methods and scope of Corporate Security, has been raising high.

According to trends in Corporate Security obtained from various sources (including the Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card 2016), almost all companies continue to fail in this regard, and here there are five of the most outstanding failures:

 1. Underinvestment

Almost all companies understand the risks of not having systems to ensure its Corporate Security. However, not all companies understand that Corporate Security Systems must be designed to suit their own scope and requirements. Same, much companies just limit themselves to rely on somehow generic security systems.

In addition, detection and analysis of the company’s scope and needs regarding to Corporate Security, should be carried out by specialists in the area, same as the subsequent development of a tailored Corporate Security System… And companies are not always able or willing to carry out such investments.

However, taking these steps towards the incorporation of tailored Corporate Systems will always be wiser if we take into consideration that investment will always save a lot of money to the company in the short, medium and long term: It is cheaper to invest in security than losing both, customers and assets, as they are certainly more exposed to risks, vulnerabilities and attacks. In addition, there are alternatives that suit every pocket… and if they don’t, they can always be developed.

seguridad deigial2. Lack of Control

While most companies protect very much the access from their platforms to the cyberspace by placing more or less complex security protocols, the truth is that they have no way to control all access of their employee’s and customer’s mobile devices.

Yes, it is perfectly possible to limit the access to the enterprise’s network from external devices, but both employees and customers can always use mass medias such as the company’s Social Networks, and from those portals, it is possible to break Corporate Security Systems.

There are companies dedicated to creating Corporate Security Systems that seriously take into account this aspect of extreme vulnerability, and offer solutions for the management and administration of these public spaces that yield satisfactory results.

3. Unreadiness of the Company’s Human Resource

How many times have we encountered people who still do not understand the risk of recycling passwords, or being overconfident when opening the mails they receive, or something as fundamental as continuing to ignore the SSL certificates security warnings?

Same as the company’s assets are refreshed or updated from time to time, the Human Resource of the company should also be retrained regarding Corporate Security. And this includes a necessary commitment to compliance with minimum security alerts, in addition to those specialized security measures that must be explained to each member of the corporation.

Companies dedicated to design and incorporate Security Systems can also respond to this commitment with their customers, by working side by side with the involved departments to provide direct training to employees, or by providing technical advice as External Consultants.

4. Erroneous or incomplete approach

In the past, Corporate Security was limited to protection and access to information. Today, Corporate Security has evolved to the risk management of the use of cyberspace among other things, such as processing protocols and data storage.

However, for doing Corporate Security more robust, none of these approaches should be neglected or just pondered one over the other; but rather integrate and make them co-dependent. Then, Corporate Security should be applied from a perspective of continuing evolution of analysis and management associated with the use of cyberspace, focusing on all aspects of the company.

Corporate Security Systems of last generation look forward to offer such integration in intelligent and predictive products, services and solutions based upon the dynamic of each company, their specific needs and interactions with cyberspace, with the right approach today demanded.

fp-security-control5. More and more threats

Given the large impact of globalization, the dissimilarity and lack of consensus on regulations/governing laws regarding cybersecurity, and the increasingly flourishing amount of hackers devoted to identify and exploiting flaws and weaknesses in security systems; it becomes more difficult to keep parity in solutions to prevent attacks on Corporate Security.

These threats can be further enhanced if we take into account the penetration of mobile devices in all aspects of life, and the use of technological solutions such as The Cloud.

Security experts agree that it is impossible to respond to each and every one of the reported attacks, and they rather bet on talking about of acceptable averages (overall score) regarding Corporate Security measures within a global framework.

Despite this adverse scenario, Corporate Security companies remain at ceaselessly work and renewal. For this, they constantly update their products, services and solutions to ensure that every company interested in them, be within the overall score and counting on the security they aspire.


A great deal of water has flowed under the bridge, and many areas have been conquered in this sensitive area. Proof of this, is that there are alternatives and solutions in Corporate Security designed to suit the needs of each company, with excellent levels of acceptance in the global market and great adaptation to international standards and laws, backed by experts in the field always ready to advise when it comes to Corporate Security Systems.

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