Why Mobile Access Means a Better Customer Support Service?

Why Mobile Access Makes a Big Difference in the Experience of Customer Support Service?


customer support service by mobileImagine that you live in a big city and your company or organization works in the regular office hours.  It is six o'clock in the afternoon and everyone of your staff responsible for Customer Support take their purses and portfolios and leave the office to go home, and in that precise moment, one of your clients is victim of a network attack that threatens to collapse his or her system.  His or her data are being violated and it still remains at least 14 hours before somebody opens the office and start making coffee...

Even if your customer has immediately noticed the attack and was able to report it to your Customer Support Department, and assuming that one of your staff is as committed to your company to return straightaway to take care of the event; it is pretty much more likely that by the moment when he or she would be able to go back, it will be too late... Your customer will be already upset, frustrated and even economically affected for the delay or lack of prompt support... or just for a terrible traffic jam!    

Before this terrible picture, what are the best chances to avoid such scenarios?  

Mobile devices seem to be the answer.  With penetration approaching 89% in our latitudes, mobile devices represent the paramount channel to reach users and give them prompt support in similar cases.  Therefore, it is highly recommended to make to your Technical Support Staff to install an application (APP) on their mobile devices, so they can act on the networks and their operations when they are out of the office, whether traveling or moving from one place to another.

A System Service with access via a mobile app, either from an Android Smartphone, iOS Operating System or from a Tablet, will allow to your Support Team to access without delay to the Help Desk, to the Asset Management or to Knowledge Management modules, among other benefits.

While your staff of Customer’s Support or Technical Support Service is in the subway, stuck in the rush hour traffic or in a meeting; they can update or add work items using their mobile devices, allowing them to attend your customer's questions, registering new problems and even solving them in real time, whenever they may be.

mobile apps for customer supoort services

Support can be done through more interactive conversations that a simple call, as it is possible to incorporate images and voice messages, share links and shortcuts to content within the Knowledge-Base, participate in chat rooms, and even program your users' devices to receive instant notifications right after your Support Staff respond to their inquiries, and thus, provide them with a service that exceeds their expectations.

In addition, Support Service via mobile access can gather and unify all your customer's queries made through emails, Facebook, Twitter, calls and/or chat conversations, and offer the ability to respond by any of these means.  It can also filter and mark messages identified as spam, optimizing queries.  It also can set auto-reply messages depending on the time when queries are generated, or by using keywords scheduled so to provide immediate answers for your customers.

Through Mobile Service Apps, Cellular Networks and your Staff, all advantages of IT and Social Media are gathered for providing quick and efficient solutions to your customers' needs. What more could you ask for? Your customers will love it!

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