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automated customer service

Automation is one of the many advantages of technology that are now emerging for small and medium businesses. Because we know that every business these days is undergoing a major transformation. Looking for innovative ways to improve the quality of service and reduce costs for the end customer. But above all, they are looking for customers who are not just an occasional purchase or subscription, but customers they can keep for life. Let’s see how automated customer service can bring great benefits to the commercial sector.

Today’s world is the world of “Enterprise Digitalization”. This means that most companies use IT (information technology) for their daily tasks: internal functions, business operations, customer management and communication processes.  Of course, when everything becomes so technological, it is possible that personal experience can get lost along the way.

However, technology in the form of automated electronic communication methods can enable information sharing, monitoring and tracking in a way never seen before. And so personalized attention is our first benefit to mention.


Personalized attention.

Customer service automation solutions are specifically designed to provide a high quality care environment, without losing personalization. This could range from helping you customize the look and feel of your support portal to providing segmented services. Providing personalized support to different customers by categorizing them based on their needs.

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In addition, automated customer service is an effective connection tool. Front-line customer service employees must be empowered to provide services that not only eliminate burdens, but also make their customers’ lives easier. And this is possible if they have access to important information at the right time. In addition to being able to answer a thousand similar questions with a single click.

Personalization can be very precise and can be achieved by analyzing individuals’ data and presenting care recommendations that precisely address each request. This is because automated customer service also includes technologies such as artificial intelligence and information management.

On the other hand, automated customer service also makes it possible to exchange information with other agents and distribute tasks. M ore than 70% of consumers believe that companies should collaborate on their behalf, so that they do not have to repeat information to different representatives.

70% of customers are irritated when their call is transferred from one department to another. But with automated solutions it is possible to make such handovers seamless and often even imperceptible. Ultimately, customers interpret this as personalized service.


Automated service = speed

The statistics don’t lie. 33% of customers are most frustrated when they are left on “hold”. 33% are more frustrated by having to repeat to multiple support reps their problems. (according to HubSpot research). In addition, a customer is four times more likely to leave with a competitor if the problem they are having is a customer service issue.


90% of customers consider an “immediate” response as important or very important when they have a customer service question. 60% of customers define “immediate” as 10 minutes or less. That’s why one of the biggest benefits of automated customer service is: providing agents with diverse, interconnected service channels. This can mean connecting live chats, pages and social networks through a helpdesk. In addition to giving you the ability to reach your customers instantly through various commonly used platforms. And thus solve their doubts more quickly.

It is also possible to link related tasks or requests together. That way you can keep track of generalized problems and provide consistent answers. Or perform several actions for the same task with a single click, automating repeated actions. Speed of service and response is a critical factor that can mean success or failure for a company.


Self-service options

Another great benefit of automated customer service is the self-service or self-help option. Sixty-nine percent of consumers first try to solve their problem on their own. However, less than one-third of companies offer self-service options, such as a knowledge base.

It’s a near-impossible task to have alert managers 100% of the time.  Investing in a strong service team can improve customer satisfaction. It can also reduce churn and increase revenue. However, putting technologies in place to automate customer service means providing tools so that people can help themselves 100% of the time.

Self-service means: allowing customers to generate requests from your website and have access to articles from your knowledge base related to their queries. With the help of AI customers can also receive relevant solutions before an agent or manager is online. All this while typing in service chats. Also showing useful solutions based on where your customers are: like on your website, or on your mobile app. This will in turn generate huge savings in time, effort and unnecessary costs. Because it is a constant information gateway to all your customers.

To remain active and for our services to last over time, it is necessary that there is constant transformation and learning. And thus to be able to provide updated solutions.  In addition to our ultimate goal is to provide services that add value to our customers and meet their needs. For that there are tools like Freshdesk. Designed to generate automated customer services, organized workflows and reliable self-service.


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