How to Properly Optimize your Project Management?5 min read

How to Properly Optimize your Project Management

Each team leader or manager will have their own methods to execute project management in the way they think is best.  

You may have used a method that worked in the past, but we know that circumstances, demands, and customer preferences are constantly changing.  

Therefore, you must make sure to monitor your processes, strengthen team communication, and automate your manual tasks to raise quality and customer satisfaction levels.  

But surely if you’ve come this far, it’s because you want your project fulfillment to increase your quality standards and customer satisfaction. 

Would you like to know if your project management is really optimal?  

Keep reading this blog article, and find out if your project is currently on track for optimality.  

Define What is ‘Optimal’ for You 

What works in project management for Google, doesn’t mean it will work for Apple, right?  

Every company has its own niches, particularities, language, and visual identity, which makes them unique. 

The same goes for other companies.  

Project management is like a tailor-made suit, which must be adjusted to your needs, objectives, preferences, and expectations. 

Therefore, I suggest you consider your weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities. 

Additionally, establish sincere communication with your clients so that the suit is as personalized as possible. 

It is important to consider that perfection does not exist, and optimal is not necessarily synonymous with perfection. 

The key is to execute management that is the most convenient for you and your clients. 

Features that Every Optimal Project Management Should Have 

How to Properly Optimize your Project Management

  • Manage your Workflows 

It is a thing of the past for a supervisor or project leader to continually change team members to “improve” the project. 

Supervisors or Project Leaders not only truly trust their teammates, but also know that efficient workflows are essential. 

At this point, one must decrease the number of obstacles, manual processes, and resolve potential bottlenecks that can negatively affect these flows. 

For example, the Kanban method is widely used in competitive companies. This method provides a balanced approach between task demand and actual capacity to achieve efficiency within the flow. 

  • Make Data-driven decisions in Project Management

How to Properly Optimize your Project Management

We know that supervisors, managers, and/or project leaders are evaluated within a project by the number of good decisions they make, which makes them look effective, productive, and reliable. 

Now, my advice to you is to base your arguments and decisions on data! 

Certainly, many companies do not know how to use them or how to systematize them, but this happens when they do not know the potential of figures to show how successful the project was or is turning out to be. 

Do you remember the Kanban method I mentioned before? 

Well, this method allows you to track task deadlines, identify and resolve bottlenecks, and get estimates of project results. 

Additionally, it provides you with cumulative flow charts that help you increase your team’s productivity, and determine the areas of the project that you need to improve. 

  • Optimize Project Management: Evaluate as a Team 

At the end of a project, bring your team together to analyze what was done and what was left out during the project. 

Each member will be able to contribute their point of view, enrich comments, and, most likely, a fruitful brainstorming session will be generated to overcome the failures. 

In this regard, I suggest that you answer the following questions together: 

  • What was positive? 
  • What obstacles did you face? 
  • What were the lessons learned from the obstacles, and what went well? 
  • Was there anything that was not clear during the process? 
  • How can you move forward? 

This exercise is increasingly used by teams to strengthen their communication, find solutions collectively, and optimize project management. 

  • Optimize Project Management: Go from the Written to the Visual

Yes, many of us love to write when talking about data or important information. However, information is assimilated faster if we see drawings, graphics, and colors, don’t you think? 


Replace your post-it notes with illustrations on the computer that reflect your objectives in an eye-catching and easy way. 

As well as important dates to make sure everything is done on schedule. 

Turn tedious Excel sheets into smart dashboards. In this way, you can automate manual processes and speed up collaboration between teams. 

How do you do that? With the right tools specially designed to take your project management from 0 to 100. 

GB Advisors Helps you to Optimize your Project Management 

How to Properly Optimize your Project Management

We know how stressful it can be to lead project management, where you not only have to deliver results for your company, but also for your clients. 

That’s why we want to provide you with all the tools to automate your processes, save time, and improve your performance and that of your team in this type of management. 

One cutting-edge, affordable, and easy-to-configure tool is 

This intuitive and visually appealing platform will be your best ally in the optimal execution of every one of the tasks associated with your project management. This platform offers you: 

  • Shared workspaces so that your team is always synchronized in the execution of tasks. 
  • Flexible visualization of your data for quick understanding. 
  • Overview and real-time views, so everyone can see what’s being worked on. 
  • Powerful workflows that can be customized to your needs. 
  • And much more. 

Do you want to know how can fit your business? 

Our team of specialized professionals will provide you with a consultation without any compromise, especially made for you. 

Contact us now and let’s make an appointment! 

We are here to support you! 


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