Business Apps: 5 tools to improve your company’s productivity

Business Apps

Business Apps


One of the main challenges and aspirations of modern organizations is to achieve greater productivity. The key is to achieve better results using fewer resources and investing as little time as possible. Bearing this premise in mind, business apps, or applications for businesses, are presented as the best ally for the management and organization of companies.


These tools offer effective solutions to improve productivity in each of the departments of a company, regardless of its size or whether it is new or not. In addition, they allow them to carry out immediate management and to make a follow-up of processes. Best of all, many are available both on the web and on mobile devices. 

The best business apps to improve your company’s productivity

Business apps help to improve the entire company management and also allow to automate many processes that, if done manually, could contain errors. They also provide substantial time savings, since the information is always in the same place, organized and even shared with those who should have access. 

If your company is looking for tools or resources that allow it to improve productivity in the business, these business apps could be very useful. 


One of the great ‘inventions’ in the world of technology has been the cloud. This is a service operated by Microsoft that allows information to be stored in its virtualized spaces. This tool is very useful for companies because when they store their files there they will be able to access them from any place or device, be it a computer, tablet or mobile.

Another great advantage of this service is that it allows collaboration with other users since files can be shared. In this way, two or more people can have access to these to edit in real-time or create new shared files. In addition, this resource allows you to search faster files, be they documents, photos, videos, among others, thanks to the results of the personalized search.

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And because security is essential when it comes to business; OneDrive makes sure it complies with all industry standards, as well as everything related to privacy and data protection. This way you can be sure that your company’s information is fully protected with advanced encryption and security features.


Microsoft Connections

Another business app that improves your company’s productivity is Microsoft Connections. A perfect tool to design marketing campaigns quickly, easily and efficiently by email. Remember that this type of marketing is essential to increase sales. 

This application will allow you to create these campaigns with a professional look thanks to a series of pre-designed templates for various types of communications, such as announcements, newsletters or customer references. It also offers an easy way for users to join your mailing list or unsubscribe, an option you should always provide. 

This tool will help you manage subscribers as your mailing list grows. You’ll be able to create different segments to more efficiently target specific groups of customers. 

On the other hand, knowing the conversion rate of your strategies is important. That’s why this app allows you to track subscriber activity to find out how many people open emails or click on information, new registrations, people who have canceled their subscription, among other things. This way you will know what is working in your strategy and what is not. 

Skype for Business

One of the keys to a successful company is communication. It is therefore essential that organizations have business apps that allow them to maintain this interaction with people inside and outside the company. Video calls and videoconferences are very useful and tools such as Skype for Business are ideal for this purpose.


One of its great advantages is that it’s integrated with Office, allowing you to make easier transitions with fewer interruptions. Keep in mind that when productivity and communication tools come together; working collaboratively is much easier. Plus, you can access this service from anywhere; so you can keep up the pace even when you’re not in the office. 

This tool also allows you to monitor calls, access a preview of the video to make sure everything is in order before you connect with someone, have different solutions for meetings, among other things. It also stands out for being completely secure. That’s why the privacy of your communications is 100% guaranteed.

Microsoft Invoicing

Receiving payments is one of the most important steps of your company, especially if it is an SME. If you do not have a secure income, it will be difficult to keep the business going. That’s why having a dedicated billing solution like Microsoft’s Invoicing tool can be very useful.

It’s a mobile, online application that allows you to send invoices, manage expenses, and control cash flow. It will help you receive payments faster, as well as create and edit invoices without problems. The management is also simple, so you can add new customers quickly; mark invoices as paid once you receive payment and see the monthly and annual sales of the company. 

With Microsoft Invoicing you can centralize the entire billing process and customers will have an easy way to make their payments. Keep in mind that the simpler this process is; the more likely it is that customers will make their payments on time. That’s why this app allows you to include payment options with a single click on invoices and through different payment gateways such as PayPal.

Microsoft Planner

Managing tasks and jobs within an organization can be a headache if you don’t have the right tools. Among the most useful business apps for this is Microsoft Planner; a solution designed to organize work teams and work collaboratively without much effort.

Each time a new task is assigned, the users involved will be notified by email and; through the ‘My Tasks view’ function, the managers will be able to access the task list and check the status of each of the plans. They will also be able to monitor the tasks the team members are working on. 

Office 365, the package that includes the business apps you need


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To achieve high productivity you need to have different business apps focused on each part of the business such as information storage, marketing, communication, billing or task organization. To make use of this type of tool you don’t have to worry about hiring separate resources; since with Office 365 Business, you will have them all in one place.

This is a Microsoft business suite that offers access to a package of applications and services designed to optimize company processes. This service adapts to any company; so no matter if you have a large company or an SME, you can use these solutions. Some of its advantages are:

  • Cost reduction. You have different business apps with only one license.
  • Mobility. You will be able to use the services from anywhere and with any device.
  • Security. The data is encrypted, so you can be reassured by your privacy.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the Office 365 business suite; you can easily do it with GB Advisors. In addition, by purchasing this service with us you will have at your disposal a team of IT professionals that will help you get the most out of your applications. Contact us!

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