Web Application Vulnerability Scanning: Why is it so important?

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Web Application Vulnerability ScanningWeb applications are the technological base of modern companies. That’s why more and more businesses are betting on the development of this type of digital platforms. They stand out because they allow to automate processes, simplify tasks, be more efficient and offer a better service to the customer. The best of all is that they are systems that work in the browser, so there is no need for the customer to download anything.

The objective of web applications is that the user completes a task, be it buying, making a bank transaction, accessing e-mail, editing photos, texts, among many other things. In fact, they are very useful for an endless number of services, hence their popularity. Their disadvantages are few, but there is one that requires special attention: vulnerabilities.

According to the report “Automated Code Analysis: Web Application Vulnerabilities in 2017”, 94% of web applications contain serious vulnerabilities and 85% exploitable vulnerabilities. This is why it is essential today to use a web application vulnerability scanning tool. Otherwise, your business could be targeted by cybercriminals.

Main web application security risks

A web application vulnerability scanning platform will help you keep your services protected. However, it is important to be aware of the major security risks that exist so that both developers and security professionals are always alert and can find the most appropriate solutions in a timely manner.



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This is a vulnerability that affects the application databases. They occur when unreliable data is sent to an interpreter by means of a command or query. The attacker may inject malicious code to disrupt the normal operation of the application by making it access the data without authorization or execute involuntary commands.


Authentication failures

If a vulnerability scan in web applications finds a failure, it may be due to loss of authentication. This is a critical vulnerability, as it allows the attacker to impersonate another user. This can compromise important data such as usernames, passwords, session tokens, and more.

Sensitive data exposure

A serious risk is the exposure of sensitive data especially financial information such as credit cards or account numbers, personal data such as place of residence, or health-related information.

If an attacker scans for this type of vulnerability, he or she may modify or steal this data and use it fraudulently. Therefore, it is essential to use a platform for scanning vulnerabilities in web applications.

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning: Why is it so important?

Cybercriminals do not rest in their attempt to seize valuable data and information to take advantage of it. According to the Annual Cyber Threat Report from SonicWall, a firm specializing in data protection and advanced network security, attacks against web applications grew by 56% in 2018.

The company also revealed that last year it stopped 10.52 billion malware attacks. According to their data, this is the highest number of cyber attacks ever recorded. It is precisely for this reason that more and more companies are investing in services that allow them to predict and prevent incidents.

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Really any company is at risk of cyberattacks. It doesn’t matter the sector or the size of the business. In fact, SMEs have become the target of many computer criminals. According to statistics so far in 2019, 43% of small and medium enterprises in Latin America have been victims of data breaches. This means that there has been an 8 percentage point increase over 2018.


Although more than 23% of SMEs currently use domestic security tools; these solutions only offer them basic protection. They need specialized tools such as a professional platform for scanning vulnerabilities in web applications, for example., the ideal solution for web application vulnerability scanning

The web application vulnerability scan is a fundamental action if you want to avoid risks associated with your company’s cyber exposure. One of the best solutions for this task is; a platform designed for companies to manage their resources and vulnerabilities.

Its function is to scan automatically and with great accuracy web applications to give greater visibility of vulnerabilities present in different types of assets; as well as a context that helps you prioritize the correction of faults. This platform also allows you to define which parts of critical web applications are safe to scan and which should never be scanned to prevent disruptions or performance problems.

Using this platform for scanning vulnerabilities in web applications offers many benefits to security teams. Among them:

  • More accurate security testing, with a minimum of false positives and negatives.
  • Reduced administration costs thanks to automation.
  • Reduced product dispersion and improved visibility.

With this platform, you combine safety and efficiency in one place. So, if you have decided to implement this solution in your business, GB Advisors is here to help you. Our agents will be able to offer you all the information you are looking for about; that is to say, its advantages, and how to make the most of its functionalities. Contact us!

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