AlienVault Vs QRadar: Which SIEM solution works better for your business?5 min read

AlienVault VS QRadar

AlienVault VS QRadarNowadays, the use of a SIEM tool has become more than an alternative; an obligation for any organization that wants to keep its systems protected. However, when considering the offer of existing SIEM products, many companies face the challenge of not knowing exactly which solution can best suit their business goals. Thinking about this and to make the selection process easier for you, we have brought you a comparison between two of the most popular tools on the market: AlienVault Vs QRadar.


If you are still not sure which software would be ideal to meet your expectations and you do not have time to evaluate in depth all the options available in the market; you will surely find the comparison AlienVault Vs QRadar, very useful. Read on and find out more.

The need for a SIEM tool

Today, threats are growing, transforming and spreading at an amazing speed. This is mainly due to the digital transformation which, despite providing us with a lot of benefits, has also contributed to exponentially increase the vulnerability of our information systems. As a result, the implementation of a comprehensive and efficient security strategy has become imperative for organizations seeking to keep their digital assets protected.

There are several ways to reduce the attack surfaces of a system; one of the most effective is the application of a security maneuver organized by levels:

  • The first level of protection: This first stage must define risk management strategies and create a security policy adapted to the particular context, needs, and activities of the business. The objective is to build a robust and functional security system.
  • Second level: Here the strategies established in the previous stage are put into practice and a setup of the system starts based on a set of good practices that may include, for example, data encryption.
  • Third level: This phase involves the deployment of essential security tools such as antivirus and firewalls; in charge of detecting and blocking threats.

Three levels are not enough


AlienVault VS QRadar


Despite implementing all three levels; a good safety team must be aware that tools and good practices may not be enough. This is where a good SIEM solution comes in. SIEM solutions help companies of all sizes to limit the incidence of cyber attacks, counteract data leaks and meet legal compliance requirements.



That is mainly what you should look for in a SIEM solution, however, not all of them can offer you the same; that is why you should make sure that your tool includes the functionalities adapted to the type of organization you belong to.

AlienVault Vs QRadar: Which one to choose?

Choosing the right tool can be a big challenge, especially since organizations do not usually have an enormous amount of time to evaluate each one of the options available on the market. That is why before making a choice, it is best to focus on certain critical factors.

In the case of AlienVault Vs QRadar both integrate features for incident management, vulnerability detection, and compliance reporting. However, there are certain points where they differ and where one can be more advantageous than the other.

AlienVault: How does it work?

All of AlienVault‘s integrated security controls are pre-integrated and optimized to work together immediately. Within minutes of installing the USM product, AlienVault’s asset discovery capabilities (active network scanning, passive network monitoring, resource inventory, host-based software inventory); will give you visibility into your network resources, and the active threats running on them.


AlienVault VS QRadarCharacteristics:

  • Prioritization of threats.
  • Highly descriptive dashboards.
  • Availability for deployment in the cloud, SaaS or On-Demand.
  • Accurate and customizable reports.
  • Compatibility with: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • Automation of processes.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • QRadar: How does it work?


QRadar: ¿How does it work?

As a first step, to start the experience with QRadar, the administrator defines the type of network and the security policy that applies to their systems. From this, the software analyzes and monitors the activity of the connected networks. If it observes, for example, excessive traffic, it issues a security alert to signal the irregularity. Like any other SIEM tool, Qradar detects vulnerabilities and creates system incident reports.


  • Real-time correlation
  • Compatibility with: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • On-demand
  • Management of third-party applications.

AlienVault Vs QRadar: Comparison of critical factors


Due to its complex architecture, QRadar is at a disadvantage if we compare it to its AlienVault counterpart, which offers an intuitive interface; and a fairly simple deployment as opposed to that proposed by QRadar.


QRadar is a tool oriented to the market of large companies; thanks to this its cost can be somewhat high for those organizations of medium or small size. On the other hand, AlienVault, being a solution also designed for SMEs, is presented as a solution adaptable to any budget and thanks to its unified platform; offers numerous features contained in a single license, resulting in a very attractive Return on Investment.


One of the most significant parts of any company’s security strategy is report analysis. In this case, both solutions offer clear, functional; and efficient reports that allow a complete visibility of the connected networks. 

Learning curve

QRadar is a SIEM platform as powerful as it is complex, that is why its learning curve tends to be a little steeper than that of other solutions such as AlienVault. The latter, on the other hand, has a fairly complete documentation and support service.


AlienVault VS QRadarAs you can see, in this comparison  AlienVault Vs QRadar, both solutions are able to offer attractive functionalities for each type of organization. Before choosing, remember that beyond the technology that the tool can offer you, another of the indispensable criteria to achieve total satisfaction with a software solution is to receive an integral service from the provider. Then try to choose one that will give you professional advice when you need it.


If you require more information about AlienVault or other security solutions, do not hesitate to contact us. At GB Advisors we are committed to offering you, in addition to leading solutions; a complete consultancy focused on helping you make the best decision for your business.



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