AB testing: Why use this website optimization tool

A/B testing

A/B testingEvery online business has a clear objective and that is to increase its profitability more and more. For this they must constantly work on improving their conversion rate. An effective way to do it is with an AB testing. This is one of the most used website optimization tools by companies, since it uses data from the users themselves to help businesses make better decisions.



AB testing is a digital marketing strategy that involves creating two or more versions of a web content or an application to check which one works best among the target audience. These versions are generally shown randomly to users so that part of them see version A and others part B.

Once the different versions have been shown to the users, a statistical analysis is carried out to test the effectiveness of each one. For this, the different performance indicators such as the CTR or the conversion rate are taken into account. With AB testing you can then know which version of the content generates the most results.


Main functions of the AB testing optimization tool

AB testing is basically an experimental methodology like the one used by any industry to compare two products. It has three specific functions:

1. Providing valuable information on user preferences

The main function of AB testing is to inquire about user preferences. Companies are interested in knowing which messages are most attractive to their target audience. As these will be the ones that will invite you to click or make a purchase. The information collected will help the company both to improve the tested content and to optimize future content to make it more attractive.


2. Increasing the conversion rate

With the AB testing tool you can also increase the conversion rate. With the information collected you will be able to make improvements so that the content you create,  generates more subscriptions, leads, clicks, interactions, etc.


3. Improving user experience

This type of testing is intended to improve the user experience. By knowing what they like and what they don’t, you can improve the content you offer to optimize their experience. And not only to make it more personalized, but also adapt it to their expectations.

What elements to test with AB testing?

Now that you know the importance of this optimization tool and how it can help you in your business, you will surely want to try it. However, a common question is choosing which items to try. To help you solve this doubt, we offer you some recommendations of the most common elements that companies tend to test.


A/B testingCalls To Action (CTAs)

 Calls to Action are those phrases, words, or buttons that invite users to take a certain action. It can motivate them to make a purchase, to subscribe to the newsletter, to leave their data, etc. This is the element that will allow you to increase your conversion rates, so you need them to really attract attention.



To find out what works best, AB testing is perfect. You can try two versions of font size, color or the position of the button for the CTA. You will notice that there are words, graphics or colors that generate more conversions than others.

Color schemes

It is well known that colors have a great impact on our minds. Therefore, they can have a great influence on the way in which users perceive the content of your web page. In fact, psychologists claim that color is a powerful persuasion tool. 

90% of purchasing decisions are conditioned by visual factors.

With this in mind, you should know how to use colors to your advantage. As a brand you should focus on reaching the most subconscious emotions of consumers. It is proven that people do not choose consciously and that their emotions influence their choices. And in this case, the correct choice of colors can help you to have a more positive impact on them.

Email marketing

In addition to testing elements within the website, you can use AB testing to improve your conversions by using strategies such as email marketing. This is considered one of the most powerful channels to use this optimization tool. You will be able to test very varied elements such as the subject, the sender, the images, the headline, the links and of course, the Call to Action. 


Freshmarketer and the implementation of AB testing

AB testing is a tool that will help you get more qualified traffic for your business. This will undoubtedly allow you to increase your conversions and sales. If you are interested in using it, you can do it with software such as Freshmarketer.

One of its main functions are these experimental tests, with which you can create and analyze the results of different variations of the same website. This will help you determine which strategy works best to optimize your conversion rate and generate more sales in the short, medium and long term.


A/B testing In addition to AB testing experiments, Freshmarketer will help you effectively and quickly transform your website traffic into successful sales thanks to features such as:


  • Conversion tunnel analysis
  • Visual content editor
  • Heat map


If you want to use this optimization tool in your company, at GB Advisors we can help you. Get in touch with our experts to receive all the information you need to get the most out of Freshmarketer and AB testing.


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