User segmentation: What is it and how can it be done successfully?

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User SegmentationCurrently, there are very few companies able to offer users each one of the products and services they need to meet their needs. With this in mind, it is quite possible that an organization’s marketing efforts will be wasted if they are targeted at the global market. That is why, in order to take full advantage of marketing resources, user segmentation came into being.



There is no way to please all the individuals in the world, but instead, there is an effective method to determine which are the profiles most likely to acquire your products and thus attract their attention through content that really seem useful. If you want to know more about user segmentation and its importance for your business, don’t miss what we’ve written for you below.

What is user segmentation?

The success of any business is based on offering a good product to the right users at the right time. But how do you do this? How do you find that ideal customer willing to sympathize and build loyalty with your brand? Well, segmenting.


User Segmentation


User segmentation is nothing more than the process of segmenting a group of individuals, according to certain specific characteristics, for once determined their expectations, tastes, and needs; offering them a service and a personalized experience that is attractive and motivates them to reach the last stage of the conversion funnel.



The idea is to separate the right users into different homogeneous groups, called segments; (in this case, a homogeneous group is defined as a group of people with similar behaviors or interests). In the end, a good segmentation will help determine the profiles of users who will then receive personalized communications and promotions based on their interests. This will also make it possible to evaluate the purchasing growth potential of each segment.

This type of division is determined by certain criteria that vary according to the type of company. Of course, segmentation can be applied both in B to B and B to C businesses; in industrial sectors as well as in services or consumer products. The only thing that changes is the relevance of the criteria for each organization. In some, the age or nationality may be more important and in others the gender of the user, for example.

What are the main criteria for segmentation?

It is possible to segment by grouping users according to certain main criteria such as the following:


Data such as sex, age, nationality, education, occupation, income, and family situation of the user are analyzed here. This type of user segmentation is the first one that marketing professionals usually use. Mainly because it is based on data that they can easily collect.



User Segmentation


This criterion is mainly aimed at segmenting users according to their current location and the climate of the area where they are located. It can be more or less useful depending on the type of product that the company wants to market.




This criterion normally requires marketing specialists to use resources such as interviews and surveys to obtain the information they want. The aim is to determine what the interests, beliefs, value, and opinions of users are in relation to issues such as politics, religion, etc.


What time of day does the user tend to get connected? What is his social network or preferred search engine? Which is the type of device he uses? These are the main data that are part of this criterion.

How to carry out an effective segmentation?

Define well your ideal customer

As you have seen there are many criteria that you can use to make the user segmentation but not all of them can be useful for your business. So, depending on the type of product or service you offer; the idea is to define well the profile of the customer most likely to buy your product.

If you still don’t have it, what you can do is use your website to study the characteristics of the users who have contact with it and group them according to their similarities. This can help you find some details of people who may be more interested in what you offer.

Use the right tools

There are many tools that can help you achieve your goals more easily and efficiently. For example, Google Analytics and Freshchat, the latter is able to serve not only as a communication bridge between you and your customers but also as an effective user segmentation solution that will allow you to better know the characteristics of users who visit your website.

Use different techniques


User Segmentation


When applying strategies to attract users do not settle for just a few. Try different contents and campaigns. For example, create different landing page models and study the attitude of users towards them. In this way, you will be able to get to know your prospects better to offer them personalized and quality content.



An excellent option to help you achieve your goals, in this case, is Freshmarketer. A client conversion software capable of providing you with resources such as heat maps and a function to perform A/B tests.

What are you waiting for? Give your customers exactly what they want and start enjoying their preference. If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us. At GB Advisors we specialize in providing our clients with the necessary tools to meet their objectives.


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