Know how to succeed in social media customer service with these guidelines.

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Social media and customer service,  are they related? Of course, they are!  And in this article, we are going to give you some guidelines to succeed using both.

Customers have nowadays a lot of channels to communicate with a company. From chatbots to emails, and even video calls. The old ways of waiting for hours on the phone to get support are over. customer service


We have to thank technology for that, even with the challenges that come within.

One of those many challenges is the quickness that every customer is looking for when reaching out to a company. No one likes to wait especially these days, that’s why businesses need to be capable of responding in the least time possible. This is when social media appears as the number one ally to help us out.

Social media is the first choice for customers when they want to communicate with you. 

Whatever it is for positive feedback or for a complaint, customers will go on social media to express themselves about your business; and you need to be prepared.

Having social media customer service means that your company is proactive when meeting customers needs. 

it is about showing them you care and that you have the right solution for their needs. It takes from educating your customers about your brand or product and bringing a positive interaction before, during and after securing the sale, to offer customized service and more.

The right social media customer service starts before a customer reaches out to you. 

Do you think that sounds crazy? Well, it is not. Customers love feeling noticed and taking care off. They already choose your product and now is your job to make them feel rewarded for that.

Customer experience is what defines business success. It implicates your customer retention, customer loyalty and your company’s reputation.

When it comes to social media you need to deliver the same level of customer service. For some reason, businesses don’t seem to take this seriously, leaving half of the messages they get on social media unresponded.

If your company is going to have a presence in social media you need to be able to respond to all the interactions and messages you get there. There’s nothing worse than a company that only posts but does not interact.

Your audience, leads and customers are there, they notice you and you need to notice them as well. How? Creating conversations, participating, getting involved.  That is the best way of securing customer loyalty.

customer service

There are many reasons that lead a customer to reach out on social media




Questions, suggestions, concerns, complaints, feedback and so much more. Understanding why consumers reach out to you helps you prepare responses, this means knowing your product very well, understanding your customers well enough, and having a professional team that knows how to respond.

Having a social media presence is mandatory for every business, but is not as simple as just being there. There are many social media networks and every one of them is different and has a particular way of delivering content and your company has to adapt itself to that.

Believe me, it is better not being online than being online and having a terrible presence. A few of the common mistakes that lead to people unfollow brands in social media are: Irrelevant content, too many ads and promotional posts, ignoring interactions, and lack of response and bad customer service. When you think about it these mistakes are easy to fix.

Just by being aware of the importance of a social media customer service and implementing the actions to execute it successfully will lead your company to great results, from an excellent reputation to happy and loyal customers.

Customers are the best ambassadors you can have. 

Customers are the ones making the big sales, they define the success of a product or service, and how they do this? By saying they like it or not, by buying it or not. Customers are the ones making posts or videos going viral. They will say how much they love or hate your product. They will make you or break you.

When you do things the right way people will notice it, and it only takes being nice, being on time,  being effective and helpful. Are those things manageable for your company?

Overall a good social media customer service will bring you new customers.

Will also help you maintain existing customers happy and loyal, help you create new and valuable content and so much more. Now, how can you manage a good social media customer service when taking care of all the aspects of running a company?


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