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ServiceNow vs Cherwell: Which ITSM solution should I choose?

ServiceNow vs Cherwell

ServiceNow vs CherwellIT Service Management tools have evolved exponentially over the last few years. This is because suppliers have increasingly focused on integrating their products; functionalities that truly contribute to improving the performance of organizations. As a result, the market has been enriched with an enormous diversity of alternatives that have made the process of choosing the ideal ITSM solution more challenging. Aware of this, today we have brought a comparison between two leaders, ServiceNow vs Cherwell.


Learn more about the features and performance of these two tools, and find out more about the criteria you should use to choose the right software for your business.

What criteria must I apply when choosing an ITSM tool?

The choice of the ideal solution depends greatly on the particular characteristics of each company. However, there are some general criteria you can follow to make sure you make the best decision. 

Determine your priorities and weaknesses


ServiceNow vs CherwellWhat are the processes in your organization that you need to improve more immediately? Will your solution be focused on strengthening a specific area? These types of questions can help you establish a clearer vision of what you are looking for with the acquisition of an ITSM tool. They can also prevent you from being tempted to choose a solution just because of its technical characteristics and not because of the benefits it can bring to your business. 


Look at the flexibility of the tool 

Your tool should offer you a minimum of flexibility to customize in your favor some of its features.  These modifications you make should be simple and applicable without the need for an external consultant. In addition, these changes should not affect future updates of the application. 

Pay attention to ROI

Implementing an ITSM solution in an organization may involve some extra expenses outside of the license cost. That is to say, in some companies; the good performance of a software solution may require modifications in internal infrastructure, as well as the hiring of new specialized personnel. Bearing this in mind, it is important that you try to make an evaluation that allows you to calculate your long-term Return on Investment. Do not forget that you must also take into consideration the cost of updates received by the software during the time you work with it. 

Find out enough information about the provider

Beyond the effectiveness of the tool, you should also look at the seller. What kind of reviews have he received from other customers? How long has he been in business? Once you buy the tool, will you have the right people available to help you if an incident or doubt arises?  The quality of the service provided by the supplier is also an important factor when choosing a tool, so consider it carefully. 

Evaluate the characteristics of the solution

The selected tool must be able to support the existing processes in your organization and improve them. You do not necessarily have to use 100% of its functionalities, however, make sure that at least 75% are useful for your company. Remember also to consider its interface and storage features (On-Premise or in the cloud). 

ServiceNow vs Cherwell Which to choose?



ServiceNow vs Cherwell


This one is a company specializing in ITSM solutions hosted in the cloud. IT has been able to position itself in the market very quickly thanks to its effective solutions. Due to the fact that its products have reached a great maturity and are in constant improvement, today this company ranks among the main leaders of ITSM. 



Its main characteristics and strengths are Its friendly interface, its reduced integration time thanks to the SaaS mode, its customization possibilities, its advanced project management module, and API integration capacity. One of the most important advantages of ServiceNow is that its products have been developed on a single platform in the cloud allowing easy and automated updates. 


  • API
  • Asset Management
  • Automatic notifications
  • Change management
  • Incident management
  • Performance Reports
  • Problem Management
  • Real-time updates
  • Self-service portal
  • Service Level Management
  • Support Ticket Tracking
  • Integration with third parties
  • Ticket Management


Cherwell also specializes in ITSM solutions and its main features include, for example, an easy-to-use IT self-service portal for customers, efficient dashboards, CMDB and an important set of ITIL processes certified with PinkVERIFY. 


  • IT Service Desk
  • IT Self-Service Portal
  • Control panel and reporting
  • Modern architecture without code
  • Integration and management of services
  • Multi-Sourcing Services Integration
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


As far as documentation is concerned, in the ServiceNow vs Cherwell comparison, without a doubt, we have to name ServiceNow as the winner, as it offers its users a fairly complete knowledge base as well as other documentation resources such as Video Tutorials. 


ServiceNow is characterized by offering market-oriented solutions to large companies, so it can be quite expensive for small and medium enterprises. Cherwell, while also offering high-cost licenses, offers slightly more affordable alternatives for SME-type organizations. So this time, the battle ServiceNow vs Cherwell is won by Cherwell. 



ServiceNow vs Cherwell


Until now, Cherwell has limited itself to offering most of its customers, support via online messaging. ServiceNow offers a wider variety of channels through which customers can communicate with support agents quickly.  No doubt at least in this respect, in the comparison ServiceNow vs Cherwell, we give first place to ServiceNow. 



Still not sure which one to choose? Look for quality advice and get the best software solutions. Contact us now for more information about ITSM or ITsec software. At Gb Advisors, we offer you quality consulting and high-tech tools. 

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