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Sales automation

Did you know that salespeople can spend up to 40% of their time on administrative activities? This translates into less performance and fewer sales.  If you want to avoid this and increase your team’s productivity to boost your sales, you must provide your department with the right tools. And what are they? Simply those that allow you to automate processes and workflows. Sales automation is essential to:

  • Save costs.
  • Measure, analyze, and improve strategies.
  • Increase ROI.
  • Build customer loyalty.

So, let’s see what are those three tasks you should automate in sales! And the solution you need to do it.

#1 Automate your customer interactions

Automated sales sequences allow that once the lead enters your database, a series of predefined emails or messages are sent to keep their interest and drive them through the sales process. These emails or messages can be triggered based on the lead’s interaction with your website or application, or even based on the time or day.

For example, if the lead visits a product page on your website, you can add them to an email flow that gives them more information about that product, to keep their interest alive. Or if the lead doesn’t open an email within a few hours, you can send them a reminder.

In short, with automated sales sequences, you can interact with your leads more efficiently and effectively, allowing you to convert more leads into customers.

#2 Streamline processes by automating repetitive tasks

Ever get tired of following up on leads, sending emails, issuing invoices, updating information… all manually?

These tasks within the sales department are important, but also repetitive. And with the right tool, you can automate them, so they don’t take up your team’s time.

Sales automation

The goal is clear: Sales can only focus on selling. As obvious as it may sound, if you don’t automate processes and workflows, your team will spend more time doing administrative tasks.

Normally, the tools that help you with sales automation work with “If—then…” rules where certain conditions trigger specific actions, such as:

  • Send personalized welcome emails to your leads.
  • Update the status of contacts depending on their behavior. Automatically transfer those leads to the customer onboarding process.
  • Set up invoices to be sent to those leads that become customers.
  • Schedule SMS and emails to always communicate at the right time.
  • Set up monthly or yearly renewal reminders for your subscribers.

And these are just some basic tasks where you can save time.

#3 Assign contacts and chats to the right agents.

With sales automation, you can assign contacts to the salespeople who are most likely to convert them into customers. This ensures that your leads are always in good hands and that your sales team is as productive as possible.

With tools that help you automate, you can see which leads have been contacted, which ones are interested, and which ones need more work. This information can help you prioritize sales efforts and ensure that your team is always focusing on the most promising leads.

On the other hand, it’s also an advantage to automatically assign chat conversations within the team. Don’t waste time trying to decide which team member should be responsible for each new conversation. Let the system do it for you. Just set up the most appropriate team member based on a set of factors you specify.

For example, you can configure the platform to automatically assign chats to agents with higher skill levels who are also available and have the bandwidth to handle other conversations.

This ensures that each new chat is handled by the most appropriate agent, leading to a better customer experience and more efficient use of your team’s time.

And you know how you can do all this automation and more? With a CRM, but not just any CRM, but a sales-focused one. Want to know more? Let’s see!

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Sales automation

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