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When it comes to sales, most organizations rely on a CRM to manage that workflow. In this regard, those organizations that use the wrong CRM option for their necessities, often suffer from a myriad of problems, among which we can highlight:   

  • Reduced visibility into their sales pipeline.  
  • Many manual tasks distract your reps from selling.
  • Poor ability to adapt the tool they use to the needs of their sales department.  

In this article, we’ll discuss these problems, besides bringing up the right choice to avoid these obstacles and sustain an increase in sales over time.  

3 Problems of Not Having The Right Sales CRM 

Not Having a 360-degree View of Your Sales Pipeline   


Not having a view of your entire sales pipeline is one of the main problems of not having the right CRM. 

For managers, this diminishes the visibility of all processes within the sales area.  As a result, it will be harder to manage and evaluate the performance of their representatives. Likewise, it becomes difficult to evaluate patterns in closed opportunities to look for improvement points. 

On the other hand, not having the right CRM is also a problem for sales reps. Most sales reps spend around 70% of their time on activities such as updating their CRM. 

In addition, they also spend time gathering information about their assigned prospects. The ideal CRM to solve these problems should have good personalization capabilities.   

In addition, it must adapt to the sales flow of the user organization, so it must have a good customization ability, besides integration capabilities with other tools.  

In this way, the CRM will be able to respond positively to both the capabilities of your sales force and its specific needs.   

Waste of Time in Manual Task Management   

Not having the right sales CRM leads to salespeople using only 30% of their time to sell. According to LinkedIn, 45% of sales reps say the biggest challenge in their role is outdated CRM data.   

Here, automation plays an important role, and the CRM used must have good automation capabilities. The right CRM must be able to automate data management in the sales pipeline

Moreover, it must be able to automate the assignment of new sales opportunities. This way, every new opportunity will be assigned to the reps available or most capable of handling them.   

As a result, your sales reps can devote more time to researching their prospects, for example.  

Little or no Ability to Create Customized Reports  


One common obstacle for any manager is accessing real-time information about the performance of their teams.  

According to a report published by Wellington, about 54% of project managers do not have real-time access to KPIs about their projects. 

This report also states that 30% of these managers spend one or more days manually gathering information to generate reports on their projects.   

In this sense, and focusing on the sales area, 57% of organizations use sales data to evaluate the performance of sales professionals (LinkedIn data). In addition, they use it to evaluate patterns in closed deals and to share learnings.   

As a result of these trends, it becomes crucial to have a CRM that gives easy visual access to the information salespeople and managers need. 

Sales reps and managers not only need information about the prospects in the sales pipeline. They also need data about their performance and everything that happens within the department.     

How can a CRM solve this situation? With automatic and 100% customizable reports, as well as customizable dashboards. 

This way, your users will have a statistical view of the sales department’s performance in real-time.   

Another positive effect of using a good CRM is to have easy access to the information your reps need to provide personalized attention.  

Get Ready to Sell More With the Right Sales CRM for Your Organization.  


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