IT Recruitment: Keys to choosing the best IT profiles

IT recruitement

IT recruitement


The technology race has most human resources departments devising the best IT recruitment strategies. There are many reasons for this, such as an increasingly competitive sector, a limited number of professionals with degrees and an ever-increasing demand for jobs. 



Recruiters and headhunters also face the dilemma of dealing with issues that are often outside their expertise. They need to be clear about the skills they are looking for, the type of software, programming language or technology they need to describe for the requested profile. In the midst of these complexities, we’ll give you some keys to effective IT recruitment. 


Six Recommendations for Effective IT Recruitment


When you study the options for IT recruitment, you can usually group the alternatives into 2 categories: internal or external human talent. Both options present unique challenges because of the need for companies to hire these types of experts. Beginning with the search outside the company, we will establish the guidelines for you to start this process in the right way: 


Define well the ideal profile


IT recruitement

When you are a recruiter, your first task is to discuss the candidate’s skills and competencies with the interviewer. If you don’t know the technological details well, get well-informed before you start and you will avoid any confusion. For this, computer technicians are the best source. In any case, research previously to handle the general aspects of the knowledge that the job requires. 




Give yourself time to know the apps with which the candidate will work


Together with the above, we suggest you have at hand the precise information about these specific aspects if it corresponds to you to be the one who interviews the possible candidate. In this circumstance, it does not matter so much how apps are used, but rather what they are used for. In this way, you will have a better basis to establish the filter questions you need to elaborate on. To do this, you can use a technology dictionary or the web depending on the position you are looking for. 


Make a good headhunting plan


When faced with the task of searching for a technical profile, you need to rely on concrete information, such as the different databases available on the Internet. Each site has its own particularities, so they can be easily adapted to the search for the skills required for the job. In this sense, you have websites like LinkedIn, Monster, SNTalent, Infojobs, Jobsite, etc. While in some you can find CVs with more experience, in others there will be junior or younger specialists. 


Create a list of open-ended questions


IT recruitementThe purpose of this is for the selected talents to explain more precisely the technologies they master and what kind of tasks have been entrusted to them in other companies. While an essential part of IT recruitment has to do with knowing who is up to date or who is using previous versions of the required applications. Both experience and mastery of the tool will give you the guidelines to make the best choice. 



Keep in mind that there may be high salary expectations


The recruitment of technical profiles is a very well paid job due to its high degree of specialization. Most of these professionals earn 2 or 3 times more than an employee without the same qualifications and it can be more if we understand that they are paid based on hours or projects. 


Rely on IT recruiting software


This solution applies to internal or external searches. A software such as Freshteam or a similar one helps you to speed up the process of attracting talent according to the current needs of the organization. They are platforms with which you get more information flow, have an integrated database, have different management modules, dissemination functions and do not need advanced knowledge in information technology. 


In-house IT Recruitment


Different strategies predominate here, such as co-worker recommendations, the rehire of former employees to fill similar positions and the training of talent to move them from one department to another according to present needs. 


When the company has hundreds of employees on its payroll who could be trained, the task becomes more complicated. In this sense, you need to take into account some variables: 


Organizational chart. It can give you clear clues about vacant positions, possible candidates who could be promoted and those who left the company and have the desired profile. 


Training. Indispensable for IT positions, it works as a tool to internally rotate professionals who have certain technological competencies or who come from similar areas. 


Social benefits. These kinds of compensations can be useful for internal or external IT recruitment. It is an effective way to obtain the recommendation of new collaborators who are apt for the required obligations. 


The advantages of the Freshteam app for IT recruitment


IT recruitement


When we refer to a talent recruitment tool like Freshteam, we are talking about a simple solution for any type of organization. In fact, it consists of an intelligent system that facilitates the creation of databases to include the most qualified profiles according to the skills you want to incorporate. 



This software is considered a practical and sophisticated way for you to find the ideal candidate in the shortest possible time. In addition to integrating information from the most qualified CVs, it has other notable advantages: 


  • It has a multichannel broadcast function to create your own recruitment website. 
  • It has the possibility of managing job offers without the need for paperwork. 
  • Allows integration with recognized applications to do interviews remotely. 


For all this and more, Freshteam can be the IT recruitment solution you have been waiting for so long to modernize your HR department and save resources in this process. If you want to know more about the installation, customization, and configuration of this software, at GB Advisors we help you with every step of the process. Contact us now. 

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