How to improve the service experience with a customer management tool

Service Experience


The fundamental problem with service experience for many companies is that they are only engaged in repeating an advertising slogan that does not translate into actions. Since the modern consumer demands to get what is offered, looking bad makes you more easily discarded. Hence, the need to build relationships that focus first on solving customer problems or needs.

Service Experience


In any industry, the service experience should reflect a differentiating character that holds the users you already have and attracts others who receive a recommendation. When you show negative aspects, the public will not hesitate to choose another more reliable or diligent option. If you think you are failing in this aspect, you need to combine a CRM tool with the best strategies.


Why use a customer management tool?


Incorporating CRM software may not be an easy choice because you must understand which one best suits the objectives of the service experience you intend to offer. Most of these programs incorporate specific modules to automate certain tasks and areas where you are not delivering what your audience expects.


In this sense, experts in marketing and customer retention or acquisition strategies emphasize taking advantage of market innovations to obtain concrete data on your business management. Through a Customer Relationship Management software, you have the following features:


Centralized database


Service Experience


To avoid shipping problems, mistakes in orders and other common errors, you have all the information gathered in one place. This way, bosses, employees, and salespeople who have access can review personal data when they need it. With real-time updates, you don’t lose track both of people’s needs and how to address their preferences.


Inventory Optimization


Warehouse mismanagement is a recurring problem that can undermine loyalty. Through automation, it is easier to eliminate excuses such as stock shortage, low inventory levels, duplication errors, and traceability problems. With updated and more efficient inventories, you improve lead times, customer satisfaction and build a better relationship with your suppliers.


360 view of the customer at every step


By supporting software of this nature, you have greater control of the customer’s process in the sales funnel. From its first interaction with you, what you buy, what you see and what you recommend can be recorded. This advantage puts in your hands, other resources to increase engagement, customization and give a service experience beyond expectations.


Metrics to study interactions


Service Experience

Data has become the key to planning effective recruitment and loyalty strategies. With accurate information, updated at every moment and put into perspective, you know how to better structure the concrete actions you promote in your marketing campaigns.


Strategies to underpin the service experience


Any customer-focused service experience must be unforgettable. Moving from saying to doing can certainly be complicated, but you can begin to give users more value when you employ effective tactics, such as:


Add contact points


Any instance of interaction with the prospect or customer is an opportunity to leave your mark so that he does not forget you. It doesn’t matter if you decide to pay or not to offer that something that will hook him, the essential thing is to take advantage of the right moment to give him that attention that they won’t get elsewhere and that considers his interests.




Often, the people who pay the most are not those who drive your business toward excellence. A valued customer is one who comes back recurrently, recommends you for the deal or speaks well of your style. When you have quality customers, strive to pamper them, connect with them on a personal level and remember their preferences.


Make things easier for those who prefer you


Often, the bad impressions of the past are the ones that prevail over the present. Because your processes, protocols, or policies are not tailored to the public, they may hinder the service experience you seek to provide. Discovering difficulties may cost you money or teach your staff the best practices, but it will always be justified.


Communicate with facts, not excuses


Before considering an evasive in order to put an inconvenience on hold, put yourself in the situation of the customer. People generally prefer to hear bad news rather than justifications that only make the situation worse. Admit the occasional mistakes and then dedicate yourself to solving them; they will surely thank you for it.


Say thank you with more than words


Service Experience


A true appreciation is not simply a phrase for education that is said automatically. Now that you have many channels to show your appreciation, grant gestures of support (tweet, post, email, etc.) to your customers that will serve to differentiate you from the competition.


Take service experience to the next level with Vtiger CRM. Routing your intentions, our recommendations, and your goals to make your service experience stand out is easier with advanced tools. Vtiger CRM is a customer management software that facilitates interaction, data capture, custom reporting, workflow automation and boosts your marketing ideas.


It is an open-source program available in 3 main versions: Sales Edition, Support Edition, and Ultimate Edition. Each has specific features to help you substantially improve your business proposition in dealing with prospects or potential consumers. In addition, it is a very easy program to master and its cost-benefit will surprise you.


In our continuous work as technology solutions providers for companies, we understand well the superlative value of the service experience. For this reason, at GB Advisors we are focused on helping you put your business on the map in terms of customer care, customer management and IT tools to achieve your goals. If you want to know more about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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