Digital Security: What solutions help you to boost the protection of your business?

Recently, ransomware attacks WannaCry; Petya / Not-Petya and their variants tested the systems that ensure the Digital Security in companies around the world. During the crisis; many trembled at the real possibility of turning on the monitor; and meeting the dreadful message of redemption.

Their real after-effects are still about to be measured. However, some consequences have stricken clear and strong: Various sources agree that the ransomware attack reached more than 2,000 systems in more than a dozen countries in their early hours of propagation.

So we agree that ransomware attacks are so frequent that seems to be the new standard to adopt. Thus; in an ideal scenario, each and everyone company in the world should already have a digital security system. And they should be powerful enough to tackle possible attacks in real time.

Nevertheless; the picture is far from ideal and that is the main weakness that hackers exploit to continue making fortunes; product of kidnapping sensitive data in companies around the world.

If your interest is avoid being surprised by a ransomware, we have the answer you seek. It is the integration of digital security tools cooperating with the strengthening of your digital security business.


Enterprise Security Software

In this category, we found Trend Micro Deep Security; an integrated cloud-operated platform designed to provide security to end users in the company. Trend Micro Deep Security bases its actions on reading data correlation; Web behavior and email scanning in every device connected to the networks.

Additionally, Trend Micro proved to be really useful to expel the recent ransomware attacks; as for being one of the first companies to emit communications and deliver solutions against vulnerabilities.

Also, Trend Micro is a very friendly solution; lightweight and simple. And its advantages for your company are many:

  • Guaranteed total protection against targeted attacks 
  • Significantly high percent of threat detection and vulnerability management
  • Forensics analysis and intelligence to respond immediately
  • Agents focused on reading your network ports and behavior of systems
  • Guaranteed compliance with more than 100 security protocols
  • Gives protection against malware; Command and Control of Communications (C & C), phishing and scamming.
  • Effective and compatible with all operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Linux and other important.
  • Collaborates and exchanges Risk Indicators (IOC) with third parties to keep the database attacks. 


Also, Trend Micro prevents malicious codes to taking control of your system files and protocols at the very moment when they attempt installing and deploying in your file systems. This capability played an important role for many businesses covered under their protection when the recent attacks ransomware took place; and this corroborates why millions of businesses prefer and adopt Trend Micro Deep Security every day.


Digital Security, Trend Micro and your enterprise

Again, if your interest is avoiding to be surprised by a ransomware; Trend Micro Deep Security is one of the answers you need. This powerful platform should be among your options to achieve the best integration of tools for boosting your digital security towards the best protection.

For more information, contact our agents here. We will be glad to help you throughout the process of purchasing; installation; deployment and service tailored to your needs, for less than you think.

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